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7 Days Back To Nature In Hoi An

Hoi An City

7 Days Camp

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Specific Tour

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40 people




Welcome to the “7 Days Back to Nature in Hoi An, Quang Nam” camp, a unique experience designed to reconnect you with the natural world through a series of enriching and immersive activities. Set in the beautiful and culturally rich surroundings of Hoi An and the broader Quang Nam province, this camp provides a perfect setting to learn, explore, and grow in harmony with nature. Over the course of seven days, you will embark on a journey that combines practical environmental education, hands-on conservation activities, and personal development sessions. Each day is crafted to deepen your understanding of the natural environment, enhance your sustainability practices, and cultivate a profound respect and appreciation for the Earth’s ecosystems. From learning ancient farming techniques and participating in local conservation projects to practicing mindfulness in nature and discovering the rich biodiversity of the region, the camp is designed to empower you to make positive environmental impacts during your stay and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to engage with local communities, learn from environmental experts, and develop skills that align with eco-friendly living. Join us for “7 Days Back to Nature in Hoi An, Quang Nam,” and experience the transformative power of returning to nature. This journey promises not only to teach you about the environment but also to inspire a deeper connection with the world around you, fostering lasting changes in how you interact with our planet.

OPEN FOR: 7 – 18 years old, maximum per group of 40 pax.


  • 6:00 Wake up, morning exercise
  • 7:00 Have a breakfast, get ready
  • 8:00 Sun circle

Prepare a positive mindset and energy for a new day by taking part in activities of gathering in a circle.

  • 8:30 – 11:00 Learning and experience (Morning Activity)
  • 11:00 Caring time Self-care services and space care activities such as: prepare lunch table, clean accomodations,…
  • 11:30 Have a lunch
  • 12:15 Have a break or take a nap
  • 13:30 Warm-up/ Have a snack
  • 14:00 – 16:15 Learning and experience (Afternoon Activity)
  • 16:15 Caring time Students work together to clean and decorate common spaces at summer camp
  • 16:30 Afternoon will – sports activities – Students optionally choose: football, rope jumping, folk games, etc.
  • 17:15 Personal hygiene
  • 18:00 Dinner, rest
  • 19:00 Team connection activities

*Parents call students every other day

  • 20:00 Moon circle – Circle activity at the end of the day: acknowledging experiences and taking care of emotions
  • 20:30 Personal hygiene
  • 21:00 Turn off the power and go to sleep


Day 1: Agriculture and Traditional Practices

  • Traditional Farming WorkshopDive into the world of traditional Vietnamese agriculture with a hands-on farming workshop. You’ll join local farmers in the fields of Hoi An, learning age-old techniques such as planting rice by hand, using water buffalo for plowing, and other sustainable farming practices that have been passed down through generations. This activity not only connects you with the local culture but also teaches valuable lessons on sustainable agriculture and the importance of eco-friendly farming methods.
  • Botanical Drawing and Traditional Plant UsesJoin a tranquil session in the picturesque gardens and fields around Hoi An, where you’ll explore the variety of local plants used in traditional Vietnamese life for food, medicine, and artisanal crafts. An expert will guide you in identifying these plants and explain their roles in daily living and cultural practices. Following the educational walk, you’ll participate in a botanical drawing workshop, capturing the intricate details of these plants with pencil and paper. This activity not only deepens your understanding of local flora but also offers a relaxing way to connect creatively with the environment, combining art and nature in a meaningful exploration.
  • Artisanal Craft and Tool MakingExperience the craftsmanship of traditional tool making, an essential skill in rural Vietnamese culture. This activity involves a local artisan demonstrating how to make and maintain tools used in everyday farming and household tasks, such as bamboo weaves, fishing nets, or simple wooden implements. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own basic tools, gaining insights into the ingenuity and resourcefulness of local practices, and developing a hands-on connection with traditional crafts.

Day 2: Exploring Highland

  • Highland Trekking AdventureEmbark on a guided trek through the stunning highland terrain surrounding Hoi An. This adventure will take you through dense forests and past cascading waterfalls, offering breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape. Learn about the unique ecological features of the highlands and the conservation efforts to preserve these environments. The trek is not only a physical challenge but also an educational experience, providing insights into the region’s natural history and biodiversity.
  • Highland Village Cultural ExchangeVisit a local highland village to engage in a cultural exchange with the indigenous communities. Participate in traditional activities such as weaving, pottery, or local dance. This interaction provides a deep dive into the daily lives and customs of the highland residents, fostering understanding and appreciation of their rich cultural heritage. It’s an opportunity to learn directly from the locals and gain a firsthand perspective on
  • Photography Expedition at DuskConclude the day with a photography expedition aimed at capturing the serene beauty of the highlands at dusk. Led by a professional photographer, this session will teach you tips and techniques for landscape photography, focusing on the golden hour when the light is ideal for capturing the stunning highland scenery. This activity not only enhances your photography skills but also allows you to preserve your memories of the highlands in a beautiful and artistic way.

Day 3: Trekking Pomu Forest

  • Guided Nature Walk Through Pomu Forest Start your day with a guided nature walk through the dense, biodiverse Pomu Forest. An expert naturalist will lead you through the verdant landscape, pointing out rare plant species and explaining the ecosystem’s dynamics. Learn about the conservation efforts specific to Pomu Forest and the challenges it faces. This walk is not only a chance to appreciate the forest’s beauty but also an opportunity to understand its ecological significance and the efforts required to preserve such habitats.
  • Birdwatching and Wildlife ObservationEquip yourself with binoculars for a birdwatching session aimed at spotting some of the forest’s avian inhabitants. Pomu Forest is home to a variety of bird species, some of which are endemic to the region. This activity will be interspersed with general wildlife observation, where you might catch glimpses of other forest dwellers. It’s a quiet, reflective time that enhances your ability to spot and identify wildlife, offering insights into the forest’s complex food webs and animal behaviors.
  • Forest Survival Skills Workshop, participate in a forest survival skills workshop where you’ll learn how to use the resources available in Pomu Forest to your advantage. This includes identifying edible plants and fungi, understanding basic navigation skills without a compass, and learning how to make simple shelters. This practical workshop not only teaches survival skills but also deepens your connection with the forest, emphasizing a respectful approach to utilizing natural resources.

Day 4: Historical and Cultural Immersion

  • Ancient Ruins Exploration Begin the day with a guided tour of the ancient ruins near Hoi An. Explore historical sites such as the My Son Sanctuary, where you’ll learn about the architectural and cultural significance of these ancient Hindu temples built by the Champa Kingdom. An expert historian will provide insights into the architectural techniques used and the historical context of these ruins, offering a glimpse into the spiritual and daily lives of the Cham people.
  • Traditional Crafts Workshop Participate in a hands-on workshop led by local artisans who specialize in traditional Vietnamese crafts such as lantern making, silk weaving, or pottery. This activity not only supports local craftspeople but also allows you to experience the intricacies of cultural art forms passed down through generations. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own piece of art to take home as a keepsake, embodying the skills and cultural heritage of Hoi An.
  • Cultural Performance and Dinner Conclude the day with a cultural performance featuring traditional Vietnamese music and dance. Enjoy a dinner showcasing local cuisine, where dishes are prepared using traditional methods that have been preserved over centuries. This evening event is not just about entertainment but also about understanding the cultural significance of music and dance in Vietnamese society, providing a rich, sensory experience of Hoi An’s cultural heritage.

Day 5: Mindfulness, Conservation

  • Morning Mindfulness Meditation in Nature Start the day with a peaceful mindfulness meditation session held in a serene location within the natural landscape of Hoi An. Guided by a skilled instructor, this session focuses on breathing techniques and mindful awareness, encouraging participants to connect deeply with the environment around them. The practice aims to enhance personal well-being and foster a greater appreciation for the present moment, setting a reflective tone for the day’s activities.
  • Conservation Project Participation Engage directly in a local conservation effort, such as tree planting, habitat restoration, or a beach clean-up. This hands-on activity not only contributes to the ecological health of the region but also provides practical experience in conservation work. Participants will learn about the specific environmental challenges facing Hoi An and the broader Quang Nam area, and the ongoing efforts to address these issues. This is a chance to make a tangible difference while gaining insight into the complexities of environmental protection.
  • Eco-Therapy WorkshopParticipate in an eco-therapy workshop that combines conservation education with personal growth exercises. This session includes activities like nature walks, ecological journaling, and group discussions focused on the relationship between human well-being and the health of the environment. The workshop is designed to deepen understanding of how personal and ecological health are interconnected, emphasizing the role of individual actions in sustaining environmental health.

Day 6: Environment Community Activities

  • Community-Led Eco-TourBegin the day with a community-led eco-tour through a local conservation area or a section of the community that has implemented sustainable practices. This tour, guided by local community members, offers insights into effective environmental practices, local efforts in sustainable agriculture, and community-based conservation initiatives. Participants will learn directly from the residents about the challenges and successes of integrating sustainability into daily life and local business.
  • Eco-Craft and Upcycling WorkshopJoin in on a lively and creative workshop focused on upcycling and eco-crafting, where participants will transform discarded materials into useful and artistic items. Led by local artisans who specialize in sustainable crafts, this session teaches you how to repurpose items like plastic bottles, old clothing, and scrap materials into planters, home decor, or even functional art. Not only is this workshop a fun and inventive way to engage with sustainability, but it also instills a sense of resourcefulness and highlights the potential in materials often considered waste. This activity encourages creativity while fostering an environmentally conscious mindset among participants.
  • Community Environmental Art Project Conclude the day by collaborating on an environmental art project that promotes community awareness and beautifies a public space. Participants will work together with local artists and community members to create a mural or an installation made from recycled materials, highlighting themes of nature and sustainability. This activity not only fosters a sense of community and teamwork but also leaves a lasting visual impact that encourages ongoing dialogue about environmental issues.

Day 7: Nature test

  • Comprehensive Nature Scavenger HuntKick off the final day with an adventurous scavenger hunt that spans across the diverse environments explored during the camp. Participants will use a variety of skills such as navigation, plant identification, and environmental trivia to find and collect items listed in their scavenger hunt booklet. Each item or task in the hunt correlates to a specific theme or activity from earlier in the week, such as finding a plant used in the herbal medicine walk, identifying a sustainable practice mentioned during the community eco-tour, or capturing a photograph of a habitat discussed in the conservation workshops. This activity not only tests the participants’ memory and application skills but also encourages teamwork and strategic thinking.
  • Eco-Challenge CourseSet up an eco-challenge course that requires participants to apply their practical skills in real-world scenarios. This might include constructing a temporary shelter using the techniques from the shelter building day, purifying water obtained from a natural source, or preparing a simple meal using foraged ingredients. Each station of the course will have tasks that must be completed using specific knowledge and skills learned throughout the camp, integrating elements of first aid, survival tactics, and environmental sustainability.
  • Reflection and Knowledge Sharing CircleConclude the camp with a reflection and knowledge sharing circle, where participants gather to discuss their experiences and learnings from the entire week. Each participant will share one key takeaway from the camp and how they plan to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives or within their communities. This session not only serves as a review of what they’ve learned but also reinforces the camp’s impact by encouraging participants to articulate their growth and future intentions. This reflective practice ensures that the lessons learned are internalized and appreciated, providing a meaningful end to the immersive nature experience.



  • Shared self-serviced accommodation (3-4 pax)
  • Entrance fees
  • Activities, and excursions in the itinerary
  • Teambuilding
  • Foreign camp leader & Assistants
  • Self-service meals
  • Visa fees
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airfare of all kinds
  • Personal expenses such as shopping, telephone, beverage, etc.

Tour's Location

Hoi An City


Cancellation Policy

ALL cancellation from the customer arise additional charges as follows:

  • More than 90 days before departure: No charges

  • From 90 days to 30 days before departure: 10% of the tour

  • From 29 days to 7 days before departure: 50% of the tour

  • Less than 7 days before departure: 75% of the tour

  • No show: 100% of the tour

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  • Parents' contact (Name, Phone number)


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