The prices mentioned in this edition are examples of applicable prices, valid for the indicated period of time and until the new prices are presented. The price must be indicated by the travel agent to the customer at the time of the registration. The prices exclusively include the described services in our programs and tables of prices. The prices’ list in the annex to this brochure describes for each trip the inclusions and informs the discounts for children or other applicable discounts.

The prices do not include charges and fees applied by the distributor travel agent, the complementary insurances, the services applying before the registration at the departure airport, the services applying on the way back after the end of the trip and/or after registration at the airport, the possible transit nights in case of flight problems, tips and other personal expenses, private transportation not included in the package trip, extra excursions, meals and drinks if not included in the program. Any other trips or excursions not included in the trip must be submitted to the approval of Hoi An Express and engage to additional charges.

An additional surcharge of 40% from 23 Jan – 30 Jan 2020 (New year holiday in Vietnam) & Vietnam public holiday is payable on the day of your activity or do online payment after making reservation.


The mentioned prices are definitive except in the following cases:

  • Fluctuation of the transportation costs, especially in regards to the petroleum price,
  • Fluctuation of the taxes linked to the offered services such as the landing taxes, boarding taxes,
  • Fluctuation of the exchange rates.

In case of modification of the prices because of the cases mentioned above, Hoi An Express reserves the right to modify the prices as following:

  • The fluctuation of the petroleum price will be integrally included in our prices,
  • If the customer has already booked the excursion or services offered by Hoi An Express, the prices will stay unchanged.


Except for other conditions applicable to special dispositions, the distributing travel agent must receive 50% of the net price of the service at the time of booking. The balance payment of the price must intervene 30 days before the departure date for the tours of more than 7 days and 3 days before the departure date for the tours of less than 7 days. In case the customer did not pay the total price following those conditions, the trip is considered as cancelled. For bookings taken before those due dates, the full payment must be requested at the time of booking.


A modification of booking by the customer won’t lead to complementary charges in the following cases:

  • Increase of the number of pax,
  • Increase of the number of services,
  • Change of hotel, without a change of the departure date for a trip of a price at least equal to the initial trip price. In case of a change arising during the trip, the supplementary charges will be directly paid at this time.


The customer can give the contract to someone else if this new customer satisfies the same conditions (same means of accommodation, same trip, same number of passengers, children in the same age). The customer must inform the travel agent of his decision by written letter. The change of customer may occur complementary administrative charges.


  • Halfday, Full day tour:
    All cancellation from guest arise additional charges as follows:
    –  More than 48 hours before departure: No charges
    –  From 48 hours to 24 hours before departure: 50% of the tour price.
    –  Less than 24 hours before departure or No show: 100% of the tour price.
  • Multi-day tour:
    All cancellation from guest arise additional charges as follows:
    – More than 90 days before departure: No charges.
    – From 90 days to 30 days before departure: 50% of the tour price.
    – From 29 days to 7 days before departure: 75% of the tour price.
    – Less than 24 hours before departure or No show: 100% of the tour price.

Some penalties may be applicable in case of cancellation of the customer due to the emission of flight tickets.


The customer cannot receive any type of compensation in case of the annulations is due to a force majeure.


Most of our services are based on a double room. Communicating rooms cannot be guaranteed during the booking: those facilities request a prior confirmation of availability with the hotel. Under the international hospitality regulation, on the departure day, the rooms must be checked out at 12:00 pm.
Hoi An Express is not responsible in case of personal items lost or forgotten during the trip.


Unused tickets during the trip won’t be reimbursed.

Hoi An Express is not responsible in case of personal items lost or forgotten during the times of transportation.
Hoi An Express is not responsible in case of independent problems to the transportation supplier.

Hoi An Express is not responsible in case of default records:

  • When the customer presents invalid ID documents
  • When the customer does not present his ID documents necessary to the trip

In case of these occurring issues, customer cannot claim any reimbursement. OTHER CONDITIONS All purchases made during the trip are under the responsibility of the customer. We advise not to buy any items made of protected species. Hoi An Express does not accept animals during the organized trips.


Hoi An Express subscribes insurance with Bao Viet Insurance. Foreigners who enterVietnam for sightseeing, visitingfriends, relatives, attend national and international seminarsand conferences, sports competitions, art shows, working and residing in Vietnam as professionals, workers, students, people working in the diplomatic corps, international organizations when traveling in the territory of Vietnam.

Insurance Coverage:

All the risks, illness, disease, accidents in the period of insurance, causing injured body or death to the insured, damage or loss of foreigner’s luggage.

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