Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Hoi An has many amazing natural wonders and attractions. The best thing about the city is that the Provincial Government gives proper attention to the maintenance to the normal villages and areas. They keep on promoting their natural attractions to improve the economy of small areas by providing them tourist attention. Cam Thanh village is becoming famous due to the sightseeing and ecotourism. The travelers love to explore it on bicycle and many companies are promoting it by arranging tour for the visitors. The traditional houses are well maintained to make the tourists enjoy the everyday life of locals with their guidance. The Bay Mau coconut forest is a very popular attraction among the tourists. This forest is located near the Cam Thanh village that is 5km to the ancient town of Hoi An. The major activity of the forest is rowing and exploring the natural beauty. The area is the home to many marine and plant species along with coconut. The visitors can join the local fishermen to experience some traditional fish catching techniques of the village people. There are many amazing activities to enjoy at this beautiful natural wonder like trying freshly caught and cooked seafood such as shrimps and crabs.