Hoi An is a small town that is incredibly diverse. From the travel-back-in-time feeling created in its UNESCO-protected Ancient Town, to its picturesque beaches, romantic rivers and desert-island style Cham Islands; it’s got someone to offer almost everyone. But is it really the right place for you?

1. Don’t visit Hoi An if you don’t like peace and quiet

A blissful ban on motorbikes and scooters in the old town from 08:00 -11:00 & 13:30-16:30 means this ancient heritage town is nice and peaceful. However, if you love wandering through town without having to constantly dodge motorbikes, please do come!

2. Don’t visit Hoi An if you like high rises and ugly concrete buildings

Historical Hoi An is gloriously devoid of these thanks to its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. However, if you think you will find 15th Century Chinese homes and merchant shop fronts pleasing to the eye, then please do come! 

3. Don’t visit Hoi An if you don’t like beaches

Along the stunning coastline of Hoi An near-deserted slices of paradise can still be found.  A desert-island style experience can also be had by hopping on a boat to the Cham Islands, where you can swing in hammocks tied to coconut trees and dive or snorkel amongst colourful coral.

If you do like lounging on a tropical beach, swimming in clear blue water, and sipping cocktails/beer at laid-back beach-side bars, then please do come!

4. Don’t visit Hoi An if you don’t like year-round sunshine

Some like it hot, but if you’re not one of those ‘some’ then book a trip to Iceland instead; Hoi An is blessed with sunshine pretty much all year. If you do like sunshine then please do come (but remember to wear a hat and sunscreen)!

5. Don’t visit Hoi An if you don’t want to eat some of the best food in Vietnam/ the world

World-famous chef Anthony Bourdain declared the Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette) from ‘Banh Mi Phuong’ to be the best in Vietnam! Then there’s Hoi An’s legendary signature dish of Cao Lau; the main ingredients of this dish are kept such a closely guarded secret that you really won’t find any authentic version of Cao Lau outside of Hoi An!

6.Don’t visit Hoi An if you like to pay a lot for clothes

Hoi An is heaven for shopaholics on a budget; talented tailors can whip up bespoke suits, dresses, skirts and shirts for a fraction of the price they’d cost back home.