Sister companies: Main Street Guitars, Trinity River Guitars, GP Drums, ...with instruments sold all over the world. I played one the other day at a local music store and they sounded pretty good. It comes standard with a JLD bridge system and a zero fret and also a … Kona Guitars. [Source: Mark W. Jabben, Dating Kona Acoustics Our serial number has the date made in it: K0612t0516 - this one was built in the 12th month of 2006." They are called Trinity River guitars. Kona Guitars of Fort Worth, Texas. Kona Guitars Established 2001 Amplifiers also Made in China "Kona Guitars - Started in 2001 - our main line of guitars - Acoustics and electrics. Thin Body Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Kona Guitars of Fort Worth, Texas. Has anyone heard of these new guitars that are supposed to be made by Kona? Specializing in fine hand crafted, high performance steel string acoustic guitars and ukuleles. Kona Guitars. Sister companies: Main Street Guitars, Trinity River Guitars, GP Drums, ...with instruments sold all over the world. I love the sound - I use this guitar to play everything pretty much. The KG1N is a dreadnought acoustic guitar made in China. read more > "Larrivee guitars are made with the greatest care and materials. A portion of all sales is donated to reforestation projects or Hawai'i environmental causes. Kona Guitars and Kona music accessories is a full line of acoustic and electric guitars and amplifiers. KSG Guitars are very popular in USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Brazil and all European countries. Watch Heartbreaker Guitars with Jason Kertson review their recent acquisition of the first four Baker-T Pro's to hit the retail market. M&M Merchandisers, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas established the music line in 2000 to make high quality but affordable guitars. 3.4K likes. It has a solid select spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides. Red finish with a white pinstripe down the back. 3.4K likes. We mainly provide guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, bass, ukulele, saxophone, wind pipe instruments and all assorted accessory parts. KSG Guitars is one of the key suppliers in bowed instruments and stringed instruments in China.

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