But you can go further. Be prepared to have more in-depth conversations with groups and individuals to add real value. GDS team tweeted the following quote on the Global Accessibility Awareness Day from a web projects manager at Leeds City Council : “Content can only be useful if it’s not hidden away among the mess”. What do you need to achieve by engaging this particular influencer? If you have several social media platforms, community managers should track user interactions. Instagram Stories continue to demonstrate growth, being used by more than 500 million people every day. We keep tweets short because research shows the ideal length of a tweet is 71 to 100 characters. An influencer can be a person, group or brand. This should include a list of known subject areas/scenarios which should be continually monitored for and a procedure on how to deal with them should they arise. Having the resource to manage a new channel has to be a consideration as you will need to create additional posts and content, plus ensure the correct moderation is in place. Positive experiences like this can build the reputation of and trust in an account. You should have a clear marker of what success looks like. And that’s important: three quarters of influencers said they would reject a pitch if it was not relevant enough to their audience. If you/someone you know is interested in working at GDS as a designer/researcher/content designer and they belong to an underrepresented group, it’s being re-run on 22 July. Certax Accounting made tens of thousands of pounds within a week of the company’s social media strategy workshop. You’ve accepted all cookies. Remember that the copy you write for the set will appear in line with your tweet and photos. In the UK, Facebook has more than 44 million users. This is particularly important if you’re creating a series of images or videos. Using third-party apps: Instagram has some powerful editing features built-in, and it’s new ‘Layout’ app is perfect for creating collages. Now, more influencers are treating their blogs and channels as a primary source of income, with approximately 30% of influencer content receiving some form of financial compensation. The tweet introduced the campaign with a strong visual asset, and our own hashtag, #AccessibilityRegulations, to group our content. URL links now count as 23 characters no matter how long they are. Platforms are continually developed, new features are released and algorithms evolve. Here’s an example of a tweet where we used native video to promote the Government Design Principles. Or will you provide them with a style guide to follow when producing their own? For example, Facebook will only let you do this if the image you have created has no more than 20% of text in it. This allows us to: When we want to report back on the progress of our owned social media channels, we use both Brandwatch and the native analytics platforms of each social media channel. There are over 13 million UK users scrolling through Twitter’s newsfeed (80% of them via a mobile device). For instance, our Twitter followers on @GOVUK are very different to our followers on @gdsteam and so different content and tone needs to be developed. Most social media platforms will have a backend where you can view analytics and export the data for posts published between certain dates. This can help you to create more effective and targeted company updates. GDS team tweeted: Find out more about our #GAAD activity and watch our expert-led webinars in this blog post. A UTM is a short piece of text added to a URL which works with analytics programs like Google Analytics. They underpin your social media strategy and inform your key performance indicators (KPIs). It can be helpful to record disruptive users who routinely breach community rules, so other staff know not to respond to them. It also reduces the chances of link corruption. This allows organisations with multiple products and/or services the opportunity to target specific audiences. Doing so can increase sales, fans and loyalty. There are nearly 24 million Instagram users in the UK. This gives them the opportunity to pull out key messages and if necessary, create supporting visuals. We audit and review this quarterly to test our resilience. We plan to test these services later this year. Have an agreed escalation policy. Imagery and file types will need to be adapted depending on social media platform specifications. You can add as many tags as you like to Flickr as there’s no limit, and it doesn’t negatively impact the user experience. Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are a number of free and low-cost tools available to do this (such as keyhole and hashtagging.com). We also posted 2 tweets after Global Accessibility Awareness Day to share an article from our Director General that was published online. Whilst there are many tools that can help with influencer identification (we use Brandwatch for an initial sift), nothing compares to desk research and manually reviewing user feeds, networks and forums. GDS does not have a Facebook page. There are several ways to deal with detractors. Instead, they are people who continually talk about your account in a derogatory fashion for no good reason. This doesn’t mean we don’t support other departments. We adopt an 80/20 rule for content. Think about using your employees as advocates to increase brand and employee engagement. We use YouTube as a hub for our videos as it allows us to embed this content directly onto Twitter (when we don’t use Twitter’s native video player) and LinkedIn. This means you can evaluate your campaign strategy as the campaign goes along, to make sure it is performing well. We also use it as an archive for organisation history. Feed into our planning and social media strategy. Tourism Australia shows some of the most breath-taking landmarks in Australia to inspire travellers to visit the country. GDS has trained in-house photographers as part of its creative team. ), in violation of any intellectual property rights, promoting other social media channels, websites or content considered spam, flame-baiting in which the aim of the post is to start a fight. All businesses need to create a social media marketing strategy and operate the business social accounts in a thoughtful, measured way. But what does engaging social content look like and how do you make it happen? However in some cases this is a necessary action. This new feature comes just as it’s been reported that by 2017, video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. 'Cards are the mobile language of the web' and allow for a choice of videos, images and product information to be embedded right into the Card within a users’ newsfeeds. Apply to Social Media Strategy jobs now hiring on Indeed.co.uk, the world's largest job site. Using an editorial calendar will help you get the balance right. They can do this with the help of a social monitoring tool. Being Verified on Twitter (a blue tick on a profile) shows your followers that they can trust that you’re the official voice of your department. You can also gauge the quality of their content, how engaged their followers are (i.e. It outlines how we at GDS use social media, what we’ve grown to understand as best practice for the channels we use, what we've learned and what we're planning to do in the future. You can use an RSS reader such as. This tweet was to raise awareness of people’s right to protect them from discrimination if they have a disability on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Therefore, in order to get comparable data we recommend you start collecting data at fixed, regular intervals. You should also display the hashtag at the venue itself - this encourages attendees to use it on the day. Although this can generate a ‘quick hit’ should your message be shared, it may not provide you the same credibility compared to an influencer, with a smaller network, who carries particular authority in a niche interest area highly relevant to your campaign. Why is it important to Develop your Governments Social Media Strategy? We use this player option frequently for soundbites and event clips as users accessing content via mobile are not taken away from the newsfeed into a third-party video site (i.e. Government social media teams also support national awareness days and holidays such as celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. It allows us to assign them to individual community managers, and ensure a good response time. For every social media success story like President Barack Obama's 2008 grassroots campaign there is another of a career-crippling gaffe, like Weinergate, when New York Rep. Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his crotch.Social media, and particularly Twitter, have become a type of soapbox in America, on which many politicians are able to speak directly to their constituents. Your focus should always be on getting better next time round. For @gdsteam, our storytelling is focused on transparency; keeping users informed about the transformation of online services, how they’re built, who was involved, the various iterations. However, do not make your targeting too niche as this could exclude other users who may be interested. There are more than 14 million UK users who scroll through Twitter’s news feed. should you run that activity again? The setup of each channel was based upon our overall objectives, the role social media needs to play in delivering our messages, the different programmes of work we need to support, and the different audience groups we are speaking to. If you want to build a community and relationships with your clients online, then social media is a boon for you. It’s now the 1 March and you want to see how well that post performed. In every instance, social media needs to align with your wider communication plans, adhere to any departmental policies and follow the guidance for civil servants on using social media. There are various roles social media can play in supporting these. You can also gauge the quality of their content, how engaged their followers are (i.e. Only post sharp, clear images. If the image doesn’t sell the story or convey the message on its own, it hasn’t worked. They can help focus your thinking on what’s important. Government departments use different commercial social media listening tools to monitor for specific mentions of words or phrases to learn what people are saying online. If they want to apply for a driving licence or change their tax code they don’t have the opportunity to choose from different suppliers. GDS approaches social media in the same way as it builds its services: to meet user needs. What do your users want to see/hear/need help with? Before making contact, look at your objectives and ask yourself the following questions: Make sure your brief is clear. As with all social media channels make sure you include a call to action. Think about the user needs on the different platforms. It takes time to build mutually beneficially relationships. The speed of a GIF with information or data is also an issue as some may need additional time to understand the image. It allows us to test new ideas and can help us with recruitment. No one wants to see default logos, empty or incomplete ‘about us’ information or a community with no content. The more specific your plan is, the more effective it will be. Keep Instagram photos smartphone only - it’s what the channel was designed for. Using interactive features was a good way to track how many people were paying attention to our story, rather than just tapping through. You can also use audience insights to identify influencers and opportunities for collaboration. Keep things simple. It should include a list of subject areas or scenarios to look out for and a procedure on how to deal with them if they arise. Government departments can track awareness and engagement for campaigns through hashtags. Start by creating a larger infographic for media and then consider how it can be repackaged for other platforms (i.e. We have created timely content to support campaigns and also evergreen video content to grow our channel in a way that adds value. ‘If your pictures aren’t sharp, they’re not allowed in’ under Flickr's Stabilisation Detection function. Our research shows that people who navigate the website via keyboard shortcuts often find it frustrating to navigate multiple links within one social media post, so we only use one contextual link. No one wants to see default logos, empty or incomplete ‘about us’ information or a community with no content. It connects us to community managers in other government departments. You should choose your platforms based on your analysis of your audience, coupled with the communities and people that you know you want to reach. Hashtags and Links The #LocalDigital2Years campaign celebrated the second anniversary of the Local Digital Declaration. @GOVUKVerify Twitter’s native analytics tools for business accounts allow you to identify new or potential audiences for paid campaigns using interest and follower look-alike targeting as well as traditional demographic targeting like age or gender. With over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Tourism Australia is arguably one of the most successful social marketing strategies used by the Australian government. It is unfortunately a fact that as soon as you become active on social media, there are going to be people who aren’t happy about it. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which social interactions demand a response. We love Flickr for hosting High Definition images. To ensure that everyone can get the most from your videos, it’s important they’re either captioned or embedded with a transcript (we cannot publish videos if they do not meet these requirements). We also want to share best practice across government. The Prime Minister's Strategy Unit (often referred to simply as The Strategy Unit) was a unit based in the UK Cabinet Office between 2002 and 2010 (with its predecessor unit dating back to 1999). Instagram is a great way to bring content visually to life, and we use this to showcase the work of GDS. We like to upload albums to showcase the work we’re doing at GDS. We also have a standard responses document listing regular queries and responses. It also allows you to share lovely looking photos direct to Twitter. You can feature one link in your Instagram biography and at GDS, we use this to spotlight different content like a new podcast or a key campaign. Consider whether you want to amplify your content (i.e. @GOVUK There is also the potential to transform how people contribute to the archive by helping to improve the cataloguing of our collections. It should be available in HTML or as website content. We have an editorial calendar to manage publication, support key policy milestones or roadmap deliverables, and to keep track of events. To ensure we are not missing anything across government, we use Basecamp. Research has shown people are more likely to remember visuals, rather than text. You have to take part in the conversation, especially when people are asking you questions. Twitter Having a smaller list of well-curated influencers will be of greater use than one which is automatically generated using influencer tools such as Klout, Keyhole or Buzzsumo. For instance, for online media an image can hold more information as users have time to read, engage and explore; for Facebook and Twitter, where users will be scrolling through a newsfeed, your content will need to engage in that moment. Have they made statements that would not align with the impartiality of the Civil Service, such as promoting a specific political party rather than just voting in an election? We encourage all the teams within GDS to blog updates on their team blogs while we reserve the main GDS blog for the bigger stories with broader appeal. We detailed the content pillars we needed into a creative brief that aligned with the campaign production plan and key milestones. Press Office, operations, call-centre staff). The Equality Act 2010 says that information provided by government bodies should not exclude anyone. Snappy TV is another service we’re planning to explore later this year. If an image is being used for decorative purposes only, then it is more appropriate to leave this blank.

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