We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more. Learn Samsung Galaxy M31. I can't … If the issue still persist, kindly register your concern in Samsung Members app (Samsung Members app > Get help > Feedback > Error report/ask question). Lastly, a factory reset or phone format could help you solve the problem. Samsung's in-house skin comes with pre-installed bloatware such as Daily Hunt, Microsoft apps and … How to access data if the phone touch is not working on Samsung Galaxy M31? The above step will definitely make your Bluetooth connection stable. Check if this is the reason in your case as well, There are chances that the actual problem is with the phone RAM. Check the same, The reason to this problem is nothing but a problem in the SIM card slot in the phone, Make sure the problem is not caused just because the services are no longer valid on your SIM card just because you haven’t used the same for a long time, First of all, simply clean your hands. could be the main reason for the heating issue. We were able to update our Galaxy M31 without running into any problems. De opslagcapaciteit is 64 GB. The Samsung Galaxy M31 is decently and simply designed when it comes to budget smartphones. Samsung started rolling out a new firmware update for the Galaxy M31 in India yesterday. Samsung Galaxy M31 is another budget-oriented smartphone by the company, but is it perfect all around? Check and take the required action. So, do stay until the end. Check and erase the same, Simply make sure that the device ventilation system is in proper working condition and is not responsible for this fault, Many users face this problem in their Samsung Galaxy M31 just because of using a third-party or a low-quality accessory with the device, Check if this problem is caused by a phone virus which might be there in the default storage space, Check in case the power bank you are using is responsible for this problem because it is having different specifications that what on the phone, The reason to this problem could be a high power charger which you might be using, There are chances that the problem is caused just because the phone is having something wrong with the processor inside. Hardware components. The launch of these gadgets has taken place on a very large scale in the last 2 years all over the world. According to Samsung software policy, all devices no matter if it’s premium or budget, two major OS upgrades are provided to all of them. The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific. The Galaxy smartphone is an … Heating Problem On your Samsung Galaxy M31 Don’t let your phone charge for too long. It comes with a 16.21cm (6.4") sAMOLED FHD+ Infinity U Display that has a peak brightness of 420 nits, and is made of gorilla glass. Just turn OFF the phone and again turn it ON. The heating problem is generally when the heat is increased in excessive amounts in your Samsung Galaxy M31. How to fix poor battery life on the Samsung Galaxy M31 device? A factory reset, also known as hard reset, is the restoration of a device to its original manufacturer settings. This can solve the problem for sure, Simply restart the phone and check if this help you to fix the issue, Turning the roaming services OFF can be a reason to this problem on your device, Check if the network mode selection on the phone is wrong. This is where Galaxy M31 shines, the phone has a huge 6,000 mAh non-removable battery with only 15W fast charging support and yes the 15W charger is supplied in the box. If the problem is still there then drop a comment below describing your issue. You cannot blame www.getdroidtips.com if your smartphone starts working in an abnormal manner post applying these solutions. Check the same, The reason to this problem is nothing but a fault in the earpiece itself. Samsung Galaxy M31 runs Android 10 skinned with OneUI 2.0, which gets its own share of customizations and tweaks. You need help or informations to Samsung Galaxy M31? Take the following steps. That should be fine. Your email address will not be published. But it is apparent to say that electrical devices or components produce heat as … If your phone is stuck while doing a task or making phone calls or maybe while playing games. Next, do a. Then, go to. If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. Check if this helps, Check if a basic restart helps you to fix this problem, Open the network settings and switch the network selection key to automatic option, This problem might be there because the Airplane mode is turned ON. Not because you have to attract other’s attention but because a writer turns positive thinking into positive words. Installing them make sure the problem wouldn’t declare its presence, Check if there is a minor injury on your finger which might be acting as a barrier for the scanner when it try to read the information from the same. The commons reasons for arising a heating problem in Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime are, 1. Check if this is the case, Make sure the actual problem is not with the phone SIM card. We have to remove temporary files and caches inside SAMSUNG GALAXY M31 to make it work normally again. Check the same, Make sure you are not running multiple features of your device all at the same time, A lot of users often confuse the slow operating internet on their phone to the slow performance of their device, Perform a hardware reset and this will probably fix the problem. Het scherm heeft een diagonaal van 16,2 cm (6,4 inch). Fix: Gdi32full.dll is Missing or Not Found Error. Reset app preferences: Settings > Apps > More option > Reset App Preferences. My journey of writing commenced with this and that, here and there. 8 years in this profession including the last 2 with Getdroidtips was an unforgettable journey I enjoyed like the allure of the road. Check and take the action required, There are chances that the phone is getting turned but it’s the screen which is not. while on call. Samsung heeft de Galaxy M31 officieel gepresenteerd. Check and remove the same, Check if the SIM tray is having a physical damage on the same, The signal antenna on your Samsung Galaxy M31 might not be performing its task. Check, The reason to this problem is nothing but a basic glitch associated with the default Wi-Fi drivers, Check if the network password you entered in your Samsung Galaxy M31 is incorrect/outdated, This problem is often experienced when you are already downloading a lot of data on your device. But it is apparent to say that electrical devices or components produce heat as they work via movement of electricity. The battery has a 6000mAh capacity. A Smartphone with features only expected on higher priced mobile phones, such as a 64MP rear camera , face unlock and rear fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a 6.4" phone with a 1080x2340p resolution display. How to Fix Error Message: Bluetooth L2CAP Interface Failed, How To Record PS4 Gameplay With a Capture Card, How To Kick Somebody Out of your Netflix Account, Fix: Adobe InDesign Free Trial Won’t Download or install, Fix: Adobe Problem Reading Document Error Code 109, Check and make sure a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth versions on both the devices you are trying to connect might be causing this problem, The reason to this problem is a software glitch with the default Bluetooth drivers on your Samsung Galaxy M31, Do check and make sure the phone Bluetooth visibility is not hidden and the problem is caused because of the very same reason, This problem could be there just because you are sending a lot of data in one cycle. If you have any other problems regarding the play store do let me know in the comment section below. Make sure not to use your phone while charging. Check if the problems is solved, Performing a forced restart to the phone can fix this issue. Try it, Make sure the problem is not there just because the phone is having a hardware problem, The network you are trying to connect your device to might be having a lot of congestion due to a number of devices connected to the same. Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone. Do the following. I wrote for book publishers, journals, newspapers and online blogs. Check and make sure this is not the actual issue in your case, This might be happening because you restarted or turned OFF your device when it was updating, Know the exact number of seconds for which you need to press the power button. Check and install the latest updates if the same is pending, Sometimes the charging-related common problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 are experienced when the charging socket/power source you are using to charge your widget is faulty, Check if the actual fault is with the charging cable. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M31 is a solid all-around phone, with a versatile quadruple rear camera setup, an incredible display, and an extremely large battery capacity. Thanks to a glossy rear panel, the Galaxy M31 is a fingerprint and smudge magnet, something which is quite noticeable on the black colour variant that we received for review. The firmware brought the April 2020 security patch but this didn’t turn out to be a routine affair. If you have a problem… It happened after a Solo Trip to North India. This practice should be avoided because it may leads to additional problems in the phone. Usually, they are related to Android and are present in almost every smartphone which is powered by this OS. samsung should accept there is a problem and try to solve the issue instead of explaining settings as many of us are using mobiles since a decade or two when we are complaining a issue please take it seriously and find a solution to it. This can happen due to a software bug. Well, each smartphone has something new to offer users and within the same price tag, many manufacturers are offering the best a user can have. And since it has flagship features. Due to lockdown we can't go to the service station. It takes its own sweet time to fuel back up to 100 per cent, but it does not quickly get drained. Because most of the launcher is not optimized for a particular spec sheet. Check it properly, The reason to this problem is nothing but running your Samsung Galaxy M31 in customized sound settings. If every app is opening slow on your Samsung Galaxy M31 then you need to. It’s a hard profession. The Exynos 9611 chipset is paired with 6GB of RAM and 64/128GB of storage. Check and restore, Simply make sure the problem is not there just because you haven’t connected the earpiece properly with the phone, A sharp bend on the earpiece wire can cause signal blockage and can, therefore, be a reason to the robotic sound, In case you are using a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece, simply make sure to stay within the defined Bluetooth signal range (area), A low-quality earpiece can directly be blamed for this problem. How to Enable or Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog on Windows 10? First of All, in this article, we address some of the common issues and problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone and next, with the proven solution to it. Samsung recently pushed a software update for the Galaxy M31 smartphone. Once it is fully charged, take off the plug. Check if installing the new updates for the OS fixes this problem, Make sure you aren’t using a third-party camera application which is not compatible with your Samsung Galaxy M31, Disable the safe mode if your phone is running in the same, This problem could be there just because the phone has something wrong with any of the hardware components inside, Close the camera application if it is running in the background and open it again after 30 seconds. Firstly, Take your sim card off and put it again. Het toestel met een enorme 6000 mAh-accu en in totaal vijf camera’s verschijnt voorlopig alleen in India. Check and remove the same from the phone memory, The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but there are apps not in proper working condition in your device, The pre-installed glass guard on the device screen should be removed first. The overall efforts required to fix the common problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 are not very complex. Samsung Galaxy M31 is called a #MegaMonster for a reason - it looks ravishing and functions capably. NTG; f}I; 15 Nov 2020; Dear Samsung, This is with is related to the heating problem of Samung M31 which many users have come across. Samsung has started rolling out a new software update for Galaxy M31 users in India. It is always recommended to go ahead with the default camera app only than using any other, Check if there is no storage space available in the phone and the captured images are therefore getting stored in a low-quality format, Do check and make sure the problem is not there just because the camera lens is having moisture or dust in the same, This problem could be there just because the shooting mode selected by you is not as per the nearby visibility conditions. … For anyone who binges content on their phone, the Samsung Galaxy M31 is … Having long-lasting device is a must when you need to stay connected. These main components are the main reason for … Another reason for this could be a hardware problem in your gadget which gets unnoticed. Slow Performance. You might have selected a 2G network in the same when you are using a 3G SIM, Clear the cache partition of the device and check if this solves the problem on your device, Just turn OFF the phone and again turn it ON. Obviously no. if 4g is not working mobile (m31) is of no use . The phone packs a massive 6000mAh battery unit which is coupled with 15W fast charging support. If this doesn’t work, try opening it in the recovery mode, Check if this is a problem just because the phone battery is faulty, Make sure the phone charger is in proper working condition, A lose connection between the phone and the charging cable can be a reason to this problem. Check below. I''m so surprised the Samsung engineers didn''t check this problem prior releasing M31. Of course, this is a best smartphone which the users can trust easily. It also updates the Android security patch to the month of November. The phone features a 64-megapixel rear and 32-megapixel front-facing selfie camera, with wide, ultra-wide, macro and depth modes. 01:37. RAM is very important for multitasking. Your phone display is cracked and you want to access the data. On-call needs continuous power & various smartphone services that may lead to the heating issue on the Samsung Galaxy M31. Put a bit more pressure on the same with your finger and check if this works, Always make sure to add more than one fingerprint, Your fingers might be wet and the same can be a reason to this problem, Always give priority to the phone updates. Samsung Galaxy M31 officieel: dit moet je weten. How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Shop Safely? This also drains the battery too quickly, Close the apps running in the background and check if this helps you to deal with the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused just because your phone’s earpiece connector is faulty. jbiggel. Please do carefully go through all the topics that are covered in this article. Check the same and make sure it is not the reason to this problem, This might be happening due to crossing your daily bandwidth limit usage. De hardware is even snel, het display even groot en mooi, de software hetzelfde, en ook de lange accuduur is vergelijkbaar. For instance, you will find features like Dark Mode, Focus Mode, Parental Controls and Digital Wellbeing on the phone. Check and remove them all, Denying permission to the apps for accessing the data can be a reason to this problem, Update all the apps which are pending and this will probably fix the problem, Many users have to face this problem just because of installing the apps from another source than Play Store, Don’t run your Samsung Galaxy M31 in the safe mode or in the power saving mode as this can have a large impact on the working and performance of the installed apps, The reason to this problem is nothing but operating the apps in the custom settings, Many users complain about having app-related problems in the phone when they disable some features of the phone manually, Move the apps to the system storage space than keeping them in a third-party storage space such as a micro SD card, Uninstall the apps which are not working properly and install it once again from the Play Store. De Samsung Galaxy M31 is een smartphone met Android. If you are getting stuck on the default apps on Samsung Galaxy M31 such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app. vrijdag 11 september 2020 10:13. Learn Samsung Galaxy M31. This should probably fix your problem. Get latest phones, tech news via BGR India. Samsung Galaxy M31 hands-on review. We will get in touch with you. Je kunt twee simkaarte Perform the above steps and you are good to go. if you have any more issues regarding the network then drop a comment below. Best Motherboards for the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Best Power Supply Unit (PSU) For Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, And 3070 GPU, Best 3D Mu6 Dummy Head Recording Earphone, 60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Monitors – Differences and Purchase Guide. then the following steps will ensure that it’s not you who are causing battery problems on the phone. Erase a few or all the names from the same and check if this works, Delete the phone cache data and check if this helps you to fix the problem, There are chances that any of the devices you are going to connect to each other is infected with a virus or there is a similar security issue, The phone Bluetooth antenna might be unable to perform its task just because of a fault or if the devices are not placed within the defined Bluetooth area i.e. Thus, the best way to deal with the same during such a situation is to contact the phone official support through the possible channel. Samsung Galaxy M31 camera samples. Check if this is the reason, Simply make sure the actual fault is not caused just because the storage space is not available in the phone. First things first, check your router or modem. How to fix the heating issue on the Samsung Galaxy M31? Common Problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 and Solutions Connectivity Problems. Samsung Galaxy M31 Android smartphone. Make sure there is no obstacle in front of the router. vanaf € 279,-Smartphones Samsung Galaxy. So Galaxy M31 might come with IP68 waterproof ratings. Though the company claims to be one of the faster phones than the previous generation, still you can encounter some laggy experience on your phone. Save your device data before you proceed, Your device might be having a problem with the battery inside. Check, Check and make sure the problem is not there in the phone OS which is not allowing you to open and run the phone camera, The reason to this problem is continuous data downloading in your phone. ADVERTISEMENTS. Samsung Galaxy M31 - Unblock screen from accidental touch protection My phone screen touch has been blocked due to activation of touch protection. You can download and install Samsung Galaxy M31 USB Drivers on your PC without any issues. Second, charge your phone fully and let the battery drain until the phone is completely shut down on its own. You may want to take a pause. on the Android phone only when needed. When Samsung proudly introduced the Galaxy M31 with a 6,000mAh battery, it’s like god heard my woes.No more reliance on power banks and hogging wall sockets! Samsung M31 after 1 Month Usage | M31 Long Term Review | Galaxy M31 Pros and Cons [Hindi] Galaxy M31 long term review or Galaxy M31 review after 1 month. Welcome, I am here to help you out with certain Issues on the Samsung Galaxy M31. After one month the charging are very slow. This can happen in certain cases, A problem with the service provider or with the network can be a reason you have to face this fault in your phone, Make sure you are not confusing this problem with the slow internet speed, Check if the problem is caused by a poor signal strength on your Samsung Galaxy M31, Reset the network setting to the recommended mode in case you customize them. That’s it we have covered all the issues and problems regarding Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone and How to FIX them. And a cursory glance at the spec-sheet makes it clear that Samsung is being more aggressive than ever before. Check and take the action required, A hardware damage in your phone can be the reason to this problem. Samsung Galaxy M31: Battery & Build Quality. If the above steps did not work for you, then try connecting your phone to a different Wi-fi connection and see if it’s the same or not. How to fix the Cellular network and Mobile Data network in Samsung Galaxy M31? Buy Samsung Galaxy M31 (Blue) with 6GB RAM & 64GB of storage online. Disconnect them and try connecting them again, A wide Bluetooth history list can be the reason you have to face this problem. First, check the same, Try a basic reboot and check if this helps you to deal with the problem, One of the reasons to this problem is nothing but the installation of so many games in the device, Do check and make it sure that all the apps installed in the device are fully updated, Sometimes this problem is caused by bad apps and unused data in the phone. The love and fame M-series has been given the Samsung fans made the Korean manufacturer to launch the M31 ahead of its time. Check if this solves the problem, Delete the cache of the camera application and check if this helps you to deal with the problem, Do check and make sure the actual problem is not caused just because the camera lens is faulty or is having a damage on the same, There might be no storage space available in the phone or in the memory selected for storing the camera files and the same can cause this problem. Check if this solves the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused by burst mode which you have selected while capturing the images, One of the reasons to the camera-related common Samsung Galaxy M31 problems is nothing but not using image stabilization option, Select the best image resolution in the camera settings. Check and take the action required, Check if the phone battery is charged. The Samsung smartphone with OneUI offers many cameras and a large battery. Markets are getting flooded with smartphones these days. Check the same, In certain cases, this problem is caused by a phone virus. Here are the details. or the Development Process? The smartphone’s body is near bezel-less and provides a superlative viewing experience. Weird than this, the authorized service centre accuses me of using unauthorized software in my phone; which I … Make sure to use a thin back cover. De Galaxy M31 is de telefoon voor iedereen die de Galaxy M21 in feite prima vindt, maar die graag nog net wat meer wil doen met de camera. approx 3 square meter, A simple restart can fix this problem. Here is the complete guide to manually install Android USB drivers on your PC. Sometimes this problem is there just because you are pressing the same for a very short span of time, A liquid damage to your Samsung Galaxy M31 can be a reason to this problem. Check the same, You might have mistakenly turned OFF the SIM card, The SIM card might have not been inserted properly in the phone and the same is causing the problem. If your phone is getting the low range or wi-fi problem then take the following steps. which requires a lot of background services to run. Topicstarter. with this phone problem is so severe that I have to take phone to ear to listen what's playing and even ringtone is very low Connect your phone to a computer or laptop via USB C cable. Hey Guys Welcome Back To The Channel Ajj Ish Video Mein Main Apko Samsung Update Crash Problem Ko Solve Karke Dikhaunga Toh Chaliye Shuru Karte Hai. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M31 is a solid all-around phone, with a versatile quadruple rear camera setup, an incredible display, and an extremely large battery capacity.

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