Your phone can capture audio...but it doesn't always sound very good. Now you might say that it's an easy task, the microphone can record both BUT that's not the case because the audio that the device is playing is played to the headphone jack … If your headphone jack has 3 lines (4 rings) on it, it’s a TRRS, which means it can act as a microphone as well as headphones. The first one that I bought was a standard one that worked perfectly fine to listen to music through my jack headphones, but didn't work to record sounds (as explained in the original post). I've got a device which outputs audio via a headphone jack that would would plug headphones into to normally listen to. Similar to converting audio to pass through a headphone jack, USB-C audio requires a DAC and amp for signal processing. You can record audio on Android using an easy-to-use built-in audio recording app on most devices, though the exact app tends to differ device to device. Unfortunately, the camcorder app refused to start a video recording. I tried an experiment where I started recording audio using the bluetooth recorder app, then attemped to record a video. This recording headphone is compatible to work with all android phones. To monitor the sound you're recording with the hardware methods above, use a single-to-double stereo adapter on the output port, then plug a single-to-single stereo cable from one side of the adapter to the input port, and a pair of headphones into the second side of the adapter, so you can monitor what you're recording. Offering clear audio capture, the discreet MVL plugs into the headphone jack of iOS and Android devices with recording capabilities via a 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRRS connector. Here are the apps and gadgets you need to boost the recording quality. I'm looking for a way to combine audio recorded from the device microphone with the sound that the device is playing. A typical audio mixer has a “tape out” output, which, on an analog mixer, is usually a pair of RCA jacks. That will output at line level, usually the consumer -10dBV standard. Most iPhones and smart phones these days come with a TRRS port for the headphones. The conversations from both sides can be recorded effortlessly using this call recording headset. What I want to do is plug a cable into that headphone jack on the device and then plug it into my friend's lap top computer to record the audio directly onto that. I know that you can record audio from the bluetooth headset using an app like this. I then went online and looked for adapters that SPECIFICALLY said "Compatible with Galaxy S20", and not just "Compatible with Android". Waytronic call recording is also compatible with Apple’s 3.5mm lightning jack. Whereas the headphone jack … And I just want to use the built-in camera. OK, here's the deal. This video tutorial is on how to enable Audio through the micro USB in android devices. Improve your phone’s sound: Headphone volume booster apps and more ... or increase the sound from audio and other media apps.

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