In the main deck we got the planeswalker Vivien, Arkbow Ranger. this is without sideboard because you sideboard for what ever your meta is, so therefor … Her +1 distributes two +1/+1 counters among up to two creatures. Format: Modern. Mono-green Infect, with updated cards. emma partlow modern mono-green infect. With the release of Core 20 we got 4 sweet cards for what I would say is the forgotten mono color in standard, mono green. 6.41 tix 3 Rare, 21 Uncommon, 20 Common. Infect is a 60-card stack of raw efficiency. Mono-G infect is an okay budget deck. So, the question we should ask ourselves is, “What about Modern is Infect exploiting?” Among the top decks in the format, we see Simic Urza, Eldrazi Tron, Mono-Green Tron, and Amulet Titan. [decklist] Title: zemox's Mono-Green Infect Format: Standard (pre-Innistrad) 16 Forest 4 Inkmoth Nexus 4 Glistener Elf 4 Ichorclaw Myr 4 Necropede 4 Plague Myr 4 Ancient Stirrings 4 Giant Growth 4 Groundswell 4 Mutagenic Growth 1 Prey's Vengeance 3 Throne of Geth 4 Vines of Vastwood *3 Creeping Corrosion *1 Dryad's Favor *4 Livewire Lash *4 Nature's Claim *3 Torpor Orb This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. Browse > Modern: Mono Green Infect 2020 Modern: Mono Green Infect 2020 by Skylar.Anderson66 Report Deck Name $ 37.65. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. If you don't have a hugely competitive meta, especially one that isn't paying much attention to Infect, it can put up wins. Mono-Green Infect ($100) by Emma Partlow. Updated May 26, 2019 by Fallerup using our MTG Deck Builder. ... (should be on Tuesday): Modern Preliminaries analysis -24/08/2020-10/09/2020. is a fun deck that can be put together for as low as $50. Format: Modern User Submitted Deck Deck Date: Jan 22, 2020 Visual View Stream Popout Edit Edit Copy Download Registration PDF Export to Arena Set as Current Tabletop; Last Modified On: 2/17/2020 Market Median Low $100.05 $116.60 $40.85 Buy This Deck! Modern Mono Green INFECT! Budget Magic: $80 Legacy Mono-Red Prowess, Apr 21, 2020 Budget Magic: $35 Infect (Modern) (current), Apr 14, 2020 Budget Magic: $60 Sac and Whack (Modern) , Apr 7, 2020 Budget Magic: 2020 MTG Challenger Deck Upgrades | GB Final Adventure Knights, Mar 31, 2020 Budget Magic: Butts and Taxes (Pioneer), Mar 24, 2020 Latest Set: Theros Beyond Death. While not currently considered a tier 1 deck, it nonetheless has the ability to win FAST, very fast, and it can be quite the surprise for an unsuspecting opponent. All these decks have a relatively high curve, and they also don’t defend themselves well. Maindeck 60. This week we're playing what might be the cheapest Modern deck in the history of Budget Magic: a $35 build of Infect! The new Vivien costs 1 and three green for 4 loyalty and three sweet abilities.

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