Rock-forming minerals of metamorphic rocks, in thin section (a work in progress) 1 Olivine: ... 3 Zircon Zircon, with distinct core and rim zones, in aluminous granulite. tetragonal (-) Relief - moderate. - Zircon's very high relief can be a good distinguishing feature. Apatite (thin section) View Description. - Many of the zircon grains in the thin section were round. Birefringence - 0.042-0.065. Orthoclase, PPL Orthoclase, Plane Polars. References. 1 LAST Slide. Near Impossible to get! RI - 1.922-2.015. My research is over- moving, MUST SELL.!!! Plane-polarised light, width of view 0.25 mm. (In image below zircon is the darker round grain in the center.) Especially THIN SECTIONS! 498). An introduction to the rock-forming minerals (pp. orthosilicate. 4 Zircon Zircon, with distinct core and rim zones, in … To link to this object, paste this link in email, IM or document To embed this object, paste this HTML in website. Get Geology Toolkit Premium for more features of Olivine thin section under the microscope. In thin section while associated minerals have low relief, zircon has very high relief. Deer, W. A., Howie, R. A., & Zussman, J. Interference colours - 3rd order Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Orthoclase (potassium feldspar or K-spar) in plane polarized light. Thin section, plane polars Thin section, crossed polars. Home Rocks and Minerals Apatite (thin section) Reference URL Share . Darn RARE and IMPOSSIBLE to find!!!!! (2013). Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London. Scale: each tic mark is .001mm Thin section of zircon is shown below. Orthoclase in Thin Section Thin Section GigaPans. Add tags Comment Rate. Prehistoric JACK HILLS ZIRCON fossil Thin Section . Colour - colourless. Oldest Dang Rock on Earth with inclusions! Zircon.

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