Next, combine the rinsed rice with the water and let sit for about 15 minutes or so. For example, whereas sona rice is highly threshable, sona masoori is a hardier grain that is widely considered to be a superior grain. Add to list. As I illustrated above, sona masoori is a rice variant that’s lower in calories and starch than most other varieties, including basmati. Additionally, Basmati is a more polished style of rice, which means that it may have a higher starch content than other rice types. This rice is a medium-grain rice that is a hybrid of two rice species – sona and masoori. sona masuri is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the indianstates of andhra pradesh and karnataka. Sona masoori is considered aromatic rice, and people that are used to standard rice may at first be a bit shocked at the high degree of flavor that can be found in sona masoori raw rice. As I mentioned, this rice is just excellent for stir-fries, and the rice works well in dishes that call for a bit of stickiness on the grains. Before we get into the deep-dive details of this unique rice variety, it’s important to understand a bit about its origins. I am a big fan of Southeast Asian and Asian recipes, and I have recently taken to using sona masoori in many of my recipes – even those that don’t originate in India and the surrounding area. Will it be the same amount of time and NPR no matter the amount of rice (ex. If you are making rice for a stir fry, fried rice or variety rice- change the ratio and time as follows. Cook sona masoori rice recipes - cook sona masoori rice recipe I find this method to be fairly useful when you have to cook up some rice in a slightly faster manner, and using the microwave reduces the micromanagement. Once it’s clear that the water has been absorbed, your rice is ready to serve. Jasmine rice has been nice. So, now that I’ve given you an impression about sona masoori, you may be wondering why bother using this rice instead of the standard white, jasmine, or basmati rice that you can get at your local Asian food market. First time user here Add to list. How to cook sona masoori rice in pressure cooker? Cooking time will be about 20 minutes or until all of the water is absorbed. 24 Mantra 24 Mantra Sona Masoori 20 Lb . You can swirl it around a bit with a spoon and drain it. I look forward to digging into your blog more to see what else you have! Cover the skillet, bring the mixture to boil, stirring occasionally. With the ideal rice to water ratio, you’ll be able to make aromatic, perfectly cooked Jasmine rice. by providing premium quality masoori Sona Rice. For example, whereas sona rice is highly threshable, sona masoori is a hardier grain that is widely considered to be a superior grain. Cooking Sona Masoori rice for Curd rice. Sona Masoori Rice is the premium variety of aromatic non basmati rice, dedicatedly cultivable in the uttermost fertile regions of India, and a lesser known landscape i.e. We love Indian rice, but don’t have it all that often. Hey Dean! Nepal. Sona masoori rice is a medium-grain rice. In India, there’s just not a type of rice that’s more popular than basmati. Peter, While white sona masoori rice is most popular and commonly used in India, brown sona masoori rice is more nutritious. Microwave: Take 1 cup of Royal ® Organic Sona Masoori Rice and gently rinse twice. Next, add in the chicken and cook until it turns white throughout. Nutrition aside, this is also a rice that’s just easier to cook than most other rice varieties because of its shorter grain and low starch. Sona Masoori is medium sized and Basmati is the longest rice. Sure, basmati’s not bads-mati. Drain and add the rice to instant pot inner pot. This rice is also perfect for just about any dish that originates in the area in which it’s cultivated, so the fish curry dishes from Andhra Pradesh taste particularly good with this rice. If you are making rice for a stir fry, fried rice or variety rice- change the ratio and time as follows, 1 cup rice:2 cups water and 8 minutes HIGH 10NPR, If you want to make rice that can be mashed to make curd rice or baby food,change the ratio and time as follows, 1 cup rice:3 cups water and 15 minutes HIGH 10NPR. Additionally, this rice has a slightly lower calorie count than standard long-grain rice; a 45 gram serving of the rice will have about four calories less than long grain, which is an amount that can add up for those who love a lot of rice in their diet. Drain all the water. Instant Pot Sona Masoori Rice – A guide on how to cook the perfect Indian Sona Masoor rice in your Instant Pot multi-use programmable pressure cooker. How to cook Sona Masoori Rice in the Instant Pot? it is lightweight and aromatic. Cover and microwave on defrost for an additional 10 minutes. How to cook Sona Masoori. I want to thank you very much for your thorough explanation of this type of Indian grain. These dishes include sweet pongal and biryani. We both agree that having this type be our only choice was actually a blessing and not a curse. Personally, I love the rice cooking process; adding water and watching the rice absorb it is something akin to magic for me. Our organization is indulged in offering Aromatic Rice (Sona Sikka) to our clients. Sona Masoori rice, also known as Sona Masuri is white, medium-grain rice, grown in the southern states of India, mainly in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. In basmati, the nutrients are lost during the polishing process. In this mode, instant pot evaluates the amount of rice and water and cooks the rice in low pressure. $17.99 $19.99 save 10% premium aged sona masoori rice lalitha brand-1- 9.09 kgs / … Once boiling, add the rice, the cloves, the cardamom, and the cinnamon. Step 4: Let the Steam escape Naturally for 10 minutes and then Quick release. Sort Fields. For each cup of rice, I add in 1 and ½ cups of water for that perfect sticky texture. Take one cup of rice in a large skillet/pot. Read the Sona masoori rice preparation discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. add to cart. While this rice is typically overshadowed by basmati rice, it’s a rice that is very popular in India, and as a result, it’s beginning to become more popular in the States as well. Tender, delicate and aromatic, this high quality medium grain rice is beloved all across southern India, and pairs perfectly with South Indian and Sri Lankan flavours. For me, it’s a matter of taste and nutrition; sona masoori has a lot of nutrients that also add extra flavor, so it’s kind of a win-win situation. Cook the rice for another five to 10 minutes or until the rice has started to brown – don’t forget to stir constantly. The absence of sodium is a major boon for sona masoori because 199 milligrams can add up in a diet. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Sona Masuri old rice more than 3 months older)-2 cups Water - 2cups. Here’s what you’ll need: Rinse the rice according to the directions mentioned above and allow the rice to rest for a full 15 minutes in a bowl of water. Basmati is a long-grain variety. Season with salt. Basmati is mainly grown in the northern parts of India. When cooking this rice in Instant Pot, I usually add 2 cups of water for 1 cup of Sona Masoori rice whereas for Basmati I just add 1.25 cups of water for a cup of rice. 1 cup rice:2 cups water and 8 minutes HIGH 10NPR. Cover and microwave on defrost for an additional 10 minutes. yes..The instant pot will just take time to come to pressure depending on the quantity. I really love using this rice for fried rice, and this recipe allows me to avoid the extra step of aging the rice in the fridge for a few days before frying. Step 2:Dump it in the instant pot inner pot along with 2.5 times the water. Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. When it’s very hot, stir-fry the onions and garlic until they start to brown. This is perfect for newbies.The rice is cooked Al Dente in this case. As promised, here are a couple of great recipes that you can try with this type of rice: The use of spices like cardamom and cinnamon make this rice recipe pop. It has Similarly to the standard method, I suggest thoroughly and gently rinsing your sona masoori rice at least twice so that the starch is greatly reduced. For me, it’s a matter of taste and nutrition; sona masoori … Brown Sona Masoori Rice is usually consumed as an everyday rice and has a more subdued flavor than traditional basmati rice. This is a variety of rice that I think every rice-lover should try at least once. Repeat this process one more time, and you’re done. Brown sona masoori rice is chewy & soft in texture and once cooked, it can be enjoyed with other side dishes, dal, curry, pickles, yogurt etc jsut like you would do for white rice! Serve immediately. Add the salt, turn on the device, and allow it to run through its rice preparation cycle. Hope you find more of our recipes helpfull. Here is a simple table to help you with how YOU want to cook your Sona Masoori Rice in Instant Pot. In a pressure cooker, heat oil and add biryani leaf followed by sliced onion. That being said, which variety is healthiest, sona masoori or basmati? In some parts of India, this unique variety is referred to as Bangaru Theegalu or golden ivy, which is a reference to the coloration on the fronds of the main plant. This could vary depending on the Pressure setting, amount of food, size of the pot.10 Natural Pressure Release(10NPR)Let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes after which you Quick Release the pressure.What not to do in Instant Pot-Use Instant Pot without any liquid in the pot.-Open the lid without the releasing the pressure first.-Keep the Instant pot on the stove- there have been a lot of instances where the instant pot has gotten burnt from the bottom on accident.-Dump food in the instant pot without the inner pot.-Fill the pressure cooker up till the brim. Also, just like the standard method, combine the water and the rice and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After this period has elapsed, place the rice and water in a saucepan or skillet with the salt and butter and bring it all to a boil. Quick View. If you want to make rice that can be mashed to make curd rice or baby food,change the ratio and time as follows That being said, not everyone understands how to cook up their rice with the best results, and while sona masoori doesn’t cook much differently from standard rice, I think it’s a good idea to show you how to cook it up for the best results. When it comes to stats, let’s take a look at the health breakdown between sona masoori and basmati (both of these are per cup): It’s worth noting that basmati has a higher iron and calcium content than sona masoori. Combine the rice and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. For a 6 qts IP – 1 cup is the minimum liquid required as per the manufacturer.Burn Message- If the food starts burning this notice pops up on the instant pot and cuts off any further cooking. Remove the spices and let the rice rest after washing it again in cold water. Our vendors' make use of contemporary techniques and machines to process this grade of rice. $25.99 organic sona masoori rice royal - 9.08 kgs / 20 lbs . In this guide, I’m going to teach you all about sona masoori, and I’m also going to show you a few recipes that you can try at home using this rice variety. I also love this rice in stir fries because the reduced starch reduces the amount of rice residue at the bottom of my wok. Once it’s boiling, stir the rice and cover. Sona Masoori Rice from Natco: Sona Masoori rice, also known as Sona Masuri is a white, medium-grain rice, grown in the southern states of India, mainly in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. Thicken not just your pasta sauce, but even your dessert sauce with these easy tricks compiled especially for you! Posted in food. Quick View. Wife and I went to Costco towards the beginning of the Covid scare and this was the only rice available. Both of these species of rice are popular in India, but the hybrid sona masoori combines each variety’s best features. Here’s what you’ll need: Rinse the rice twice and prepare it using the method described above. The Daawat Sona Masoori rice has a rich and starchy taste with a delicious aroma when cooked. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until all the water is absorbed. Add to list. Quick View Monica, Legal Information: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or If rice is too hard in the first cooking, use more water. The matta is traditionally used in the state of kerala and is less refined than sona masoori. What to Serve with Cabbage Rolls: Perfect Side Dishes, Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator Under $1000 - Budget…, Top 6 Best BBQ Grill Smokers – The perfect combo.…, Sous Vide Octopus - How To Get Perfect Texture Every Time, Siopao Sauce: The Perfect Dipping Sauce for Filipino Cooking, A Meat Substitute with a Perfect Texture: Fried Tofu, Best Pancake Maker – The Best Tools For Perfect Pancakes, One cup of sona masoori rice (I like to use. instant pot, instant pot rice, sona masoori rice. Soak sona masuri rice for just 10 mins. For how kindly you share not only the details on the cooking but also the health properties of this Sona Masoori rice. Boil 2 cups water for using later in step 8. I never comment on blogs, but just wanted to say a quick thank you. I am a big fan of Southeast Asian and Asian recipes, and I have recently taken to using sona masoori in many of my recipes – even those that don’t originate in India and the surrounding area. This type is super light and goes with pretty much anything. If rice is too hard in the first cooking, use more water. Cook in a microwave-safe bowl on high for 10 minutes, remove cover and stir. Step 3:Close and set the timer for 12 minutes in Manual/Pressure cook mode, on HIGH, with the valve in sealed position. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this for all us non-Indians. Sona Masoori Rice is lightweight, aromatic and is a premium quality rice. Hygienically packaged with a high nutritional value. Sona masoori is a bit starchy and needs to be rinsed before cooking. Commonly referred to as sonamasuri rice, sona masoori rice is an Indian rice that is very popular in India and in other parts of the globe. Below is a photo of Steamed Sona Masoori Rice. Cooking Sona Masoori rice for Fried rice. It has a high GI value. Nutritional Facts of Sona Masoori Rice add to cart. Finally, throw in the garlic, the rice, and the turmeric and cook for about five minutes and serve. careful vent will emit hot vapour: Method: Take 2 cups of rice in a rice bowl and wash them once in water, do not wash twice you will loose some vitamins. With Basmati rice, the process is a bit different. It is considered the pride of Andhra Pradesh and symbolizes Andhra cuisine. If you liked the recipe, please give it 5 stars and leave a comment below. HOW TO COOK PERFECT SONA MASOORI RICE IN INSTANT POT STEP BY STEP. Take 1 cup of Rice and gently rinse twice. I hope that you enjoyed my guide on sona masoori rice. Sona Masoori Rice is lightweight, aromatic and is a premium quality rice. Once the cycle is complete, fluff the rice with a wooden fork so that you don’t scrape the bottom of the bowl and serve. As a result, if you’re looking to cut calories and carbs, sona masoori is just the better option. Sona Masoori doesn't have a strong scent but the other two are very aromatic. Also, dont exceed 2/3 level in the pot. Add the rice to the wok and after about two minutes frying, add in the soy sauce and the fish oil. Next, in a large wok, heat the sesame oil. You can also add a few extra splashes of sesame oil for flavor. Sona Masoori Rice : Pages: 1 2 >> Matches per page. But sona masoori is so moreish! Once this period has expired, transfer the water and rice to the covered microwave-safe bowl and cook on high for about 10 minutes. Once rested, in a large pot, boil the water and salt. $15.29. Sona Masoori Grain is strong and doesnt easy turn to mush due to its high fibre contents. Set aside for another 5-10 minutes before fluffing and serving. To solve this, add about ¼ cup of more water than the recipe calls for.While using certain sauces like tomato sauce or cheese sauces, you may get burn message because they are more viscous than water and burn easily.To solve this, again add ¼ cup of water to the bottom of the pot first, then add the sauce and proceed with the rest of the recipe. Cook in a microwave-safe bowl on high for 10 minutes, remove cover and stir. 30 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 20. Rince the rice 2-3 times until water runs clear (removes extra starch) and drain the remaining water and add the rice to the Instant Pot steel insert. This message can also come if you have used the SAUTE setting before and not deglazed the pan.or if you use a bigger 8 qts pot.The minimum requirement of the liquid changes and hence you could potentially get it while using it. Peter now scratches his culinary itch on the internet by blogging, sharing recipes, and socializing with food enthusiasts worldwide. 3 cups of rice)? Let this mixture simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the rice is cooked to your preferred texture. Add 2 ½ cups of water. Before cooking Sona Masoori rice in Instant Pot, it is important that you rinse the rice … Rinse 2-3 times to remove starch. Once the cooking is over and Instant Pot beeps,Let the steam escape natually for 10 minutes.Quick Release after that. Put the skillet on the gas stove. Be blessed, and keep the excellent job! Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. Sona Masoori Rice in Instant Pot – A guide on how to cook the perfect Indian Sona Masoor rice in your Instant Pot multi-use programmable pressure cooker. Due to the rough refining process it retains a lot of the husk and is generally considered more healthy. When the seeds begin to pop, add in the onion and fry until translucent and browning. This masoori rice and soma rice hybrid have brown and white varieties, and both are very nutritious, but the sona masoori brown rice benefits include higher protein and fewer carbohydrates per serving. Sona Masoori rice, also known as Sona Masuri is a white, medium-grain rice, grown in the southern states of India, mainly in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. Brown Sona Masoori Rice is a small grain, unpolished rice which has its rich fiber bran coating intact which makes it more nutritious and healthy. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Press the pressure cook button & set the timer for 23 minutes. Per the statistics, India shoulders 90% of the world’s Basmati and Non Basmati Rice demands, followed by … Reduce the water to medium and let the rice cook for about 15 minutes – you’ll be able to tell that the rice is done cooking when you can no longer see the water. Sona masoori rice is unpolished, while basmati is often polished (except brown basmati rice). The sona masoori is more refined and is not parboiled. Add all the chopped … In a skillet, with the oil, sauté the seeds, chili flakes, and cumin. Add the water in to the pot and stir well. This makes sona masoori a better choice when it comes to nutrients. 1 cup rice:2.5 cups water and Rice Mode 10 NPR, Instant Pot Chicken BiryaniInstant Pot Vegetable BiryaniInstant Pot KhichdiInstant Pot Ghee RiceInstant Pot Jeera Rice, Also Read my post on Instant Pot for Indian Food, Part 3: Making Indian Food in Instant Pot(with more than 30 recipes), Part 4: Instant Pot Frequently Asked Questions. Tried your chart for #3 and came out perfect in the Instant Pot. Join the discussion today. Microwave: Take 1 cup of Royal ® Sona Masoori Rice and gently rinse twice. So, for daily usage you are suggested to take sona masoori rice for cooking and your dishes won’t be so high-calorie, not sticky and extremely tasty with this type of cereal. This rice is lower in starch content than the other forms of white rice and the grain length is shorter than basmati. Sona masoori is a bit starchy and needs to be rinsed before cooking. This is also a protein-rich variation of rice; per serving, you can expect about 45 grams of protein, which is higher than may other rice varieties. Pressure Cook setting can also be called Manual on your multicooker.Minimum liquid– There is a minimum liquid requirement for most instant pots. Select PRESSURE COOKER/MANUAL, on HIGH, for 12 minutes with the VALVE in SEALED position. After starting out as a waiter at the age of 16, he was inspired to go to culinary school and learn the tricks of the trade. $22.99. Attributes: High quality rice with a consistent and authentic Sona Masoori taste. Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. Owning a rice cooker makes the process almost completely effortless because a good rice cooker will do all of the crucial steps for you. Set the steam release handle … organic sona masoori rice hand pounded (semi brown/gluten free) 24 mantra - 4.54 kgs / 10 lbs . Peter's path through the culinary world has taken a number of unexpected turns. Nutrition. The time it takes to cook the rice will change depending on how old the rice is, altitude of the location and variety of the rice. Appreciatively, It’s especially delicious for anyone that is getting tired of standard long-grain or jasmine varieties since it has a different overall taste. Thankyou for writing in.I am so glad that i could help in anyways! Did you know that you can prepare your rice in a microwave? Here are a few quick pointers on the instant pot.I use the 6 qts DUO Instant Pot and all my recipes are tested on the same.Here are a few quick need to knows while using an Instant Pot.Saute & Pressure Cook Setting – These are the most used settings on the instant pot. It’s lower in starch so it’s especially good chucked in a stir-fry, crisping up as it glides effortlessly around the pan. Plus, basmati rice is a polished rice sort, and it’s got less nutrients than the sona masoori, that is not polished, as a rule. To make perfect soft, fluffy, non sticky Sona Masoori rice follow the steps below. To cook up you rice for the best results, you’ll need: To start, you want to remove as much of the starch from your rice as possible, so it’s best to rinse your rice beforehand. add to cart. Okay, so first off- there is no perfect way of making rice.Some prefer it soft, some like a little bite to it and some like it super mushy. Whereas, the other two are grown in the southern Indian … When I mentioned that microwave was relatively micromanagement-free, this was just comparing it to the standard cooking method. This rice is amazing for stir fry recipes and for variety rice recipes … Finally, place the bowl back in the microwave with the cover on and use the defrost setting for another 10 minutes or so. 24 Mantra Brown Sona Masoori Rice 10 Lb . Written by Peter Allen on . Undoubtedly the best information out there on the internet. Sona Masuri Rice is very popular in South India specially in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telegana and Karnataka. Minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Once this time has passed, remove the cover and stir briskly. Instant Pot Basics, Instant Pot Rice Recipes instant pot, rice, vegetarian. Additionally, I find that this rice just has a more vibrant flavor than other types of rice; while Jasmine rice may have that flowery taste, the taste of sona masoori is richer and more layered, which is why I use it in a wide variety of dishes that don’t call for it. Now let us see the sona masoori rice cooking instructions below. You could also use pot in pot method for these recipes.Pressure Build UpMost recipes only mention the time setting you need to use while cooking in the instant pot.In actual, the total time taken to cook is time taken for the pressure build up+ time taken for actual cooking + time taken for the steam to release.Quick Release(QR) ,Natural Pressure Release(NPR) & 10 minute Natural Pressure Release(10NPR)Quick release(QR)– when you release the pressure valve, as soon as the cooking time is up.This release hot steam, so make sure you are careful while doing this.Natural Pressure Release(NPR)– You open the pot only after the pressure in the IP is released on its own. The first thing that I find to be noteworthy is the fact that sona masoori tends to be much lower in starch than standard rice and have less of a polished texture. As he delved deeper, however, his career took a sudden turn when a family friend needed someone to help manage his business. Grab these compiled tricks to get that desired sauce consistency, not just for your pasta, but also for your dessert and get a bonus content that you will surely love! To do this, simply run the cup of rice under the faucet under a gentle stream. Provided rice is widely used to prepare numerous delicious dishes and cousins. Gently rinse the rice two times under a faucet as before, but this time, simply place the water and rice into the main bowl of your rice cooker. Slice the chicken into cubes. Sona Masoori Rice contains lower starch than Basmati rice and is considered as … Sona masoori rice originates in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka, and to this day, this rice is largely cultivated in these areas. I have given both how to cook sona masoori rice on stove and sonamasoori rice in instant pot.

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