Arugula is a hardy, cool-season annual grown best in spring and early summer in cold winter regions and in fall and winter in warm-winter regions. You can go ahead with the plantation of Arugula when there is no danger coming from frost. Arugula has a shallow root system, so it needs consistent and frequent watering, or it will dry out. To minimize this, here are a few tips: Provide some shade. If growing in the heat of summer, plant in part shade or use a shade cloth to reduce stress and delay bolting. Plant arugula in a spot with full sun or with only partial shade. During summer, rocket leaves may get distastefully bitter. Arugula can tolerate some shade, but make sure to place them in a well-lit … Plant arugula in an area that gets early morning sun or some dappled shade. It is also important to keep plants well-watered. Planting heat-resistant strains of arugula, like wild arugula, is also an option if you want a summer harvest. Plant the right kind. To get a continuous supply of arugula, plant more seeds in your garden every two to three weeks. You can also go with the plantation of Arugula for the harvest at the time of summer or spring. Sow arugula seeds in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked in spring, usually 2 to 3 weeks before the average date of the last frost in spring. Arugula Seedlings. Use those baby arugula greens in salads or as a peppery garnish. Plant often for more of a harvest.

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