It allows alliance members to directly forward troops received as support to a different village, all within the same alliance. (valid for Travian 3.5 till Travian 4 so far) Basic Attack Point For Theutates Thunder, we get 90 For Haeduan, we get 140. The basic Gaul troop, the Phalanx, is an excellent defender and is usually the base of Gaul armies. How does raising the troop level make the troop better? Gaul troops have crop issues. With this building you are able to produce traps. For Gauls, use druidriders and phalanx in large numbers. For Romans, they are legionnaire and praetorian. The trapper protects your village with well hidden traps. Forwarding support troops is a feature available in the 2017 special, Fire and Sand. Introduction. Gaul troops are more defensive based and their offensive troops are far more expensive than any other tribe’s. Crop consumption For Theutates Thunder, we get 2 crop consumption For Haeduan, we get 3 crop consumption. You need to do the following: How to forward troops. Egyptian capital with waterworks cannot be compared with other tribe. III. Enemies can be imprisoned and won't be able to harm your village any more. 3. but. Troops imprisoned in traps eat crop from the village they originally belong to. Gauls. He is not suitable in large numbers because of his high price and high crop consumption. What are the attributes of troop levels when you upgrade a troop to a higher level? Egyptian Anhur is good, but speed is Gaul TTs better. Every troop type has its strengths and weaknesses. ... upgrade lvl I am playing as a Gaul. Gaul is definitely the more “defensive” tribe of the three, and in the late game is an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with. Troops cannot be freed with a raid. Travian Gauls Guide by Stupidus. This guide was made for the purpose of producing something useful for those who wish to take the leap and play Gaul. For complete stats of their attack and defense points, you can refer to the Travian help. Prerequisites: Rally Point Level 1, for Gauls only. For raiding, yes TTs are fastest units for long distance raiding. 1. One trapper can give you a maximum of 400 traps. Upgrades made in blacksmith or/and armoury. Phalanx also good for standing defense. Teuton defense troops are spearman and paladin. Gauls have three defense troops: phalanx, druidrider and haeduan. For defending, yes Druids are really good for defending with new TS effect. Each troop must be researched in the Academy before it can be trained, with the exception of the 1 st troop and the Settlers of each tribe. If you want to get an overview on all the different troops of each tribe, please check these links: Gaul Troops; Roman Troops; Teuton Troops They are decent at offensive measures, however if meet by … In case your village is attacked, the attacking units are … I have looked all over and can find nothing on why the troop is better at a higher level. This feature is free. 2. The Haeduan may be a strong anti-cavalry defender, but he is a very weak anti-infantry defender, making him a weak overall defender. The trapper offers additional protection for your village.

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