Native to western South America from Columbia to northern Argentina, white floss-silk tree (Ceiba insignis, formerly Chorisia insignis) is white-flowered, stouter, and less commonly planted.It grows at a moderate rate to around thirty feet tall and wide (old trees may be somewhat larger), typically with a fat, thorny trunk and spreading branches. The Family has since been re-classified from Bombacaceae to Malvaceae. Floss silk tree (Chorisia speciosa): medium deciduous tree, pink and white flowers in the fall and winter, 35-50 feet tall and 40-55 feet wide, full sun, cold tolerant.16. It belongs to the same family as the baobab and the kapok. unusual form, nice persistent fruits, showy winter trunk, or winter flowers Outstanding tree: tree has outstanding ornamental features and could be planted more Invasive potential: little, if any, potential at this time It was formerly The floss silk tree is a fall bloomer. Hil. Planting: Start by selecting a suitable location for your Pink Silk Floss Tree. Early fall blooms can be up to six inches wide (petals are used for upholstery thread in South America), with pear-shaped fruits appearing after each bloom period. Closeup image of flower. Chorisia speciosa-- Floss-Silk Tree Page 3 Winter interest: tree has winter interest due to Figure 3. Apr 12, 2016 - The exotic floss silk tree features showy pink flowers, seed pods filled with fluffy white silk, and one of the most unique tree trunks in nature. Like its more popular cousin, the pink Floss Silk Tree, this one has a green and variably spiny trunk. Silk Floss Tree for sale,Silk Floss Tree in homestead, Silk Floss Tree nursery. Care of: Silk Floss Tree When planting a silk floss tree, care should be taken to situate at least 15 feet away from the eaves to account for growth and well away from foot traffic and play areas due to the thorny trunk. Silk Floss blooms in early fall in South Florida with abandon. Commonly known as the mimosa tree or silk tree, Albizia julibrissin is an attractive yet invasive tree that is threatening Florida's landscape. I have read that all these former Chorisia species may just be variants of C. speciosa and maybe lumped accordingly in the future.. Threatened in Florida! See more ideas about Tree, Plants, Silk floss. The Silk Floss Tree yields 4-5" wide fuchsia, or rarely creamy yellow to near burgundy, Hibiscus-like flowers with a speckled yellow to cream throat which covers this tree over a long period in late summer and well into fall. Silk floss tree is an awkwardly branched 30-60 ft (9.1-18.3 m) tree with pale green leaves palmately divided into 5-7 pointed leaflets. Image of tampa, florida, silk - 177377302 In very cold zones a containerized Silk Floss Tree can be brought inside for the winter months. Floss Silk Tree Chorisia speciosa #1 L Frangipani Plumeria spp. Originally from China, the mimosa tree has been a popular landscape tree in Florida for many years because of its fragrant pink flowers and feathery, fern-like foliage. Where To Plant Redbud Trees Redbuds are not large trees and will reach between 20 and 30 feet in height and 15 to 30 feet in width. White Floss-Silk Tree. Photo about The floss silk tree with thorns and streaks of red and yellow. U S Geiger Tree Cordia sebestena * #1, OH, SG 8, U M Glaucous Cassia Cassia surattensis S Golden – Shower Cassia fistula M Goldenrain tree Koelreuteria elegans N L Green Buttonwood Conocarpus erectus * #1, M I have a question. Floss-silk tree, (Ceiba speciosa), thorny flowering tree of the mallow family (Malvaceae), native to South America but cultivated as an ornamental in other regions. Silk floss trees flourish in Southwest Florida and do quite well in the humid climate. The Silk Floss Tree grows best in deep soils, but it can be grown in most areas of our City. Nice flower! Note: Chorisia speciosa has since been re-classified to the present Ceiba speciosa. III. Get a Pink Silk Floss Tree of your own – see what all the hype’s about! Flowering best in full sun, Floss Silk Tree will thrive on any reasonably fertile soil with good drainage. It has a host of local common names, such as palo borracho (in Spanish literally drunken stick).

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