Write a C Program to implement Stack operations using linked list. The stack is one of the most important data structure that is used in software development. A linked list is a linear data structure, made of a chain of nodes in which each node contains a value and a pointer to the next node in the chain. One such usage of the stack is in implementing the linked list. Stacks can be easily implemented using a linked list. I'm new to c and trying to do my Homework. The Stack Linked List C program makes use of Pointers, Structures and Functions. Here's simple Program to implement Stack operations like push, pop, peek, display using l A Linked List is a linear data structure. The element or the data is inserted from a single end often referred as a TOP Pointer. The implementation of a dynamic data structure stack in the form of a singly linked list has the following advantages:. Example 8 Queue Struct with linked list data structure. #include #include

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