Link Turbo combines Wi-Fi and LTE signals to provide much faster download speeds, and will debut on HONOR View20. You could be the first review for AI Photography. • Night Mode: For good low light photos, you need to stay reasonably still by using it to increases sharpness. Even with AI photography on the Honor 8X, the camera can't account for external factors like subject or camera movement, nor for foggy lenses. Which one is better? Chic and stylish colors designed by The Paris Aesthetics Center. Honor 10 is based on the latest EMUI 8.1, which represents an overall upgrade in software function and capability, and particularly features the Easy Talk function which reduces background noise in a windy environment when you’re talking hands-free on the road, and it also increases the volume of whispering for quiet conversations. ","releaseDate":"December 17, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/honor-10-lite-complete-review--best-budget-phone-for-the-young/blog-listimg-honor-10-lite-complete-review-best-budget-phone-for-the-young-1-3813.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/what-the-best-feature-of-honor-view-20/","title":"What's the Best Feature of HONOR View20","description":"HONOR View20 is the successor of HONOR View10, and let's see what are the best features of HONOR View 10 you can expect for this upcoming smartphone from HONOR. Honor 10 also comes with Honor Super Charge[2] 5V/4.5A with the 3,400 mAh (typical value) battery, which can recharge 50% of power within 25 minutes. Trendy characters all-in-one: Honor FullView and Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Under the Glass. Honor Launches the Honor 10 Powered By AI Photography. Of course, no one expects the Honor 1… 0 . This article will show you the full list of HONOR’s upcoming phones by end of 2018. For photography, Honor 8X sports dual 20-megapixel and 2-megapixel rear cameras with f/1.8 aperture. ","releaseDate":"December 26, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/honor-launches-new-honor-view20-in-china-first-reveal-of-flagship-smartphone-with-world-leading-features-/blogs-listimage-honor-launches-new-honor-view20-in-china-first-reveal-of-flagshi.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/honor-view20","tagTitle":"HONOR View20"},{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/honor-10-lite-review-24MP-selfie-camera-rare-for-a-200-dollar-phone/","title":"HONOR 10 Lite Review: 24MP Selfie Camera, Rare for a 200 Dollar Phone","description":"How good is HONOR 10 Lite's photo-taking performance? Bulletin Off-topic Photography HONOR Club Recruitment Honor Fan Fest Honor-V Honor-Pro Fan Question Appgallery. Michael Hemsworth — May … ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/the-best-selling-point-of-honor-magic2--smart-assistant-yoyo/blogs-listimg-the-best-selling-point-of-honor-magic2--smart-assistant-yoyo.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]}]. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/full-list-of-honor-upcoming-phones-by-end-of-2018/blog-listimage-full-list-of-honor-upcoming-phones-by-end-of-2018.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/best-selfie-phone-in-2018-honor-10-lite/","title":"Best Selfie Phone in 2018 – HONOR 10 Lite","description":"In this article let’s explore some of the best mid-range phones of HONOR which are considered as good selfie phones. Previous Set of Related Ideas arrow_back. Business website. AI is quickly becoming an overused term in the world of photography. The Huawei Honor 10 Analyzes Scenes for Crystal Clear Images. It's not fun to keep switching between normal and AI mode. Assisted intelligence has arrived. The biggest change this year is the AI Camera functionality. The front camera that sits on the notch is 24MP with a narrower f/2.0 opening. AI photography also drops the image resolution an absolute ton and you can't zoom in at all when using AI. The first is the advanced AI 2.0 technology, applied chiefly to the smartphone’s dual-lens camera. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/the-best-mobile-phone-with-smart-assistant-yoyo!/blogs-listimg-the-best-mobile-phone-with-smart-assistant-yoyo.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/compare-honor-10-lite-and-8x-camera-specs-battery/","title":"Compare HONOR 10 Lite and 8X Camera, Specs & Battery","description":"Noticeably, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X both equip with Kirin 710 Chip! Rather than focus on adding more megapixels, the most fascinating innovations in smartphone photography are because of machine learning algorithms, which are making our photos and selfies better than ever. Thanks to innovative AI technology, both the front and rear cameras on the Honor 10 allow you to take professional-looking photos every time you shoot. 0 reviews that are not currently recommended. As you may know, Kirin 710 is HONOR’s first mid-range AI chip corresponding to the first flagship AI chip Kirin 970. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/what-the-best-feature-of-honor-view-20/view-20-listimg2.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/top-10-key-features-of-honor-10-lite/","title":"Top 10 Key Features of HONOR 10 Lite","description":"HONOR 10 Lite is newly released recently. ","releaseDate":"December 24, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/emui-9-review-on-honor-10-lite/blog-listimage-emul-9-review-on-honor-10-lite.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/what-is-link-turbo-in-honor-view20/","title":"What is Link Turbo in HONOR View20","description":"What is Link Turbo and its benefits? AI Photography. Intelligent photography powered by AI. Priced at £199.99 the HONOR 10 Lite is available in Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue and Midnight Black from 7th January 2019. Today, let us mostly look into AI camera. Check Out Our Latest Expert Reviews - November 2018 The camera of the Honor View 10 has been upgraded to a 16 MP (RGB) and 20 MP (monochrome) with F/1.8 wide aperture and 2-in-1 PDAF automatic focusing. If there's a lot of light and dark, both whites and blacks are excessively contrasted. It can be said the best budget phone for the young. Today, we come to talk about the best-selling point of HONOR Magic2: smart assistant YOYO. In addition to the camera features we cover above, below is something else you should know about them. The new HONOR 10 Lite smartphone has an AI-powered 24 megapixel front camera, 6.21 inch FullView HD screen display, a slim dewdrop notch and a shimmering colour gradient back. Home; Fans Club. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/honor-magic-2-ai-assistant/blog-listimage-honor-magic-2-ai-assistant.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/full-list-of-honor-upcoming-phones-by-end-of-2018/","title":"Full List of HONOR's Upcoming Phones by end of 2018","description":"In regard to the upcoming phones, HONOR has its special preparation. Artistic Impressions full service commercial photography and boutique family and child portrait studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. About See All. Toggle navigation. Welcome to join us! Also, contrast handling is really poor. Since inception Artistic Impressions has been considered a top photography studio in Winnipeg. For example, NVIDIA now has a “smart paintbrush,” a tool for taking basic sketches and turning them into photo-realistic landscape images. AI 2.0 Camera. It’s used across every space where someone wants to sell you something: services, products, news, education — the list goes on. View Service Area. “AI camera” is the new hot phrase that audiences keep hearing at the launch of the latest smartphones, especially the middle and high-end ones. Minimalist Anti-Distraction Smartphones . It is here where Honor 10 really stands out from the crowd. [ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”98″ exclusions=”2871″ sortorder=”2874,2873,2872,2866,2867,2868,2869,2870,2871″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” override_thumbnail_settings=”0″ thumbnail_width=”100″ thumbnail_height=”75″ thumbnail_crop=”1″ images_per_page=”20″ number_of_columns=”2″ ajax_pagination=”0″ show_all_in_lightbox=”0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=”0″ show_slideshow_link=”1″ slideshow_link_text=”[Show as slideshow]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]. • AI Mode: It can detect the subject in the camera frame (landscape, food, fireworks etc.) Screen-Enlarging Smartphone Docks.,,,,, Honor 10 is powered by an independently built-in NPU processor. But what about smart cameras? Request Information. by. It may not be time to chuck out the DSLR quite yet, but AI seems set to change how we take photos. The Honor View 20 Dual-SIM Smartphone is intended to stun you with its driving edge h Thanks to a dual-lens 20MP + 2MP, F/1.8 aperture rear camera, which is assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Honor 8X is able to generate striking photos. The smartphone offers AI-based recognition for over 500 scenarios in 22 categories. Here we will compare HONOR 10 Lite and 8X's camera, specs & battery","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/compare-honor-10-lite-and-8x-camera-specs-battery/IMG_3806-listimg.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/what-are-the-core-selling-points-of-honor-magic-2/","title":"What are the Core Selling Points of HONOR Magic2? HONOR View20 signals a new era in smartphone technology. ","releaseDate":"December 24, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/why-honor-view20-is-the-best-camera-phone-in-2018/blog-listimage-why-honor-view20-is-the-best-camera-phone-in-2018.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/emul-9-in-honor-lite-smarter-and-safer-connections/","title":"EMUI 9 in HONOR 10 Lite: Smarter and Safer Connections","description":"Loaded with EMUI 9.0 upon Android 9 Pie, HONOR 10 Lite embraces Android system’s updated properties since the very beginning. We compared the AI night shots of the Honor 8X with Vivo V11! Honor 10 majors on style and AI-driven photography. In other words, the AI camera can help amateur photographer chooses the most applicable exposure and color adjustments for the perfect shots. 3 people follow this. More than these, you can explore more with AI camera and expect to get smarter assistant in the future. Just a couple of years from now, most advances in the photo space will be AI-centric, and not optics or sensor-centric as before. Honor 10 phone brings to life the concept of “Beauty in AI”, and reveal two major ground-breaking and industry leading technologies to consumers. ","description":"HONOR Magic2 is the best mobile. You can also flip or turn the spiral. Next Set of Related Ideas arrow_forward. Request Information. … Shopping. Nightlife . Local Business . Curved Aquatic Smartphones. AI is rapidly changing the way we think about photography. Community See All. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/what-are-the-core-selling-points-of-honor-magic2--/blogs-listimg-what-are-the-core-selling-points-of-honor-magic2.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/the-best-selling-point-of-honor-magic-2-smart-assistant-yoyo/","title":"The Best-Selling Point of HONOR Magic2: Smart Assistant YOYO","description":"Will HONOR Magic2 attract more consumers with its own shining points? It comes with Honor’s four in one light fusion technology for improved low light photos. Right now it largely applies to smartphone cameras, but the incredible algorithms and sheer level of automated software that the technology is allowing will soon prove irresistible to most of us. Now, if you want to experience HONOR’s AI camera, the HONOR 8X and HONOR Play are good options. • The Rule of Thirds: You should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. Artistic Impressions was established in 1996. ","releaseDate":"December 24, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/what-is-link-turbo-in-honor-view20/blog-listimage-what-is-link-turbo-in-honor-view20.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/honor-10-lite-another-budget-gaming-phone-in-2018/","title":"HONOR 10 Lite: Another Budget Gaming Phone in 2018","description":"HONOR 10 Lite sets a high benchmarking for its configuration. 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Honor Roll: International Photography Awards 2020 Winners By David Schonauer Thursday November 19, 2020 The International Photography Awards has announced its 2020 winners. Restaurants. Powered by AI chipset, there are several magic shooting modes in HONOR’s camera application. Honor has championed dual-lens camera tech for several years now, so it’s no surprise in our Honor 10 review to see two sensors on its latest offering. Powered by AI chipset, there are several magic shooting modes in HONOR’s camera application. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/top-10-key-features-of-honor-10-lite/blog-listimage-top-10-key-features-of-honor-10-lite.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/take-a-perfect-selfie-with-beauty-mode-in-honor-10-lite/","title":"Take a Perfect selfie with Beauty Mode in HONOR 10 Lite","description":"What is special in the selfie camera of HONOR 10 Lite? ","releaseDate":"December 24, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/honor-10-lite-review-24MP-selfie-camera-rare-for-a-200-dollar-phone/blog-listimage1-honor-10-lite-review-24MP-selfie-camera-rare-for-a-200-dollar-phone.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/why-honor-view20-is-the-best-camera-phone-in-2018/","title":"Why HONOR View20 is the Best Camera Phone in 2018","description":"With Sony IMX586 Camera CMOS and Kirin 980 Chipset, the smartphone HONOR View20 becomes the last and best camera phone of HONOR in 2018. This article will show you its evolution process to help you understand it better. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/best-selfie-phone-in-2018-honor-10-lite/blog-listimage-best-selfie-phone-in-2018-honor-10-lite.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/best-honor-mobile-magic-2-evolution/","title":"Best HONOR Mobile Magic2’s Evolution","description":"HONOR Magic2 is the best mobile of HONOR. In 2018, HONOR newer phones from the mid-range and higher are already equipped with AI camera based on AI chipset. In recent years, AI (artificial intelligence) and multiple lenses have truly become the most talked-about features in mobile phones. They will create images that make an impact in either your home or your industry. We don’t often call them that, perhaps because we feel, compared to smart camera phones, that larger cameras have been getting smarter at a snail’s pace. As you may know, Kirin 710 is HONOR’s first mid-range AI chip corresponding to the first flagship AI chip Kirin 970. Today, I will showcase its built-in smart assistant YOYO to all of you through this article. All rights reserved. Huawei continues its strategy of offering flagship-level smartphone features at a competitive price via its Honor sub-brand. Now, the one factor that is most likely to determine the quality of the photo you just took is the software and the artificial intelligence applied to it. Browse Nearby. Camera is one of the key areas phone makers are working on. … ","releaseDate":"December 17, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/honor-10-lite-another-budget-gaming-phone-in-2018/blog-listimg-honor-10-lite-another-budget-gaming-phone-in-2018-1-3715.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/honor-10-lite-complete-review-best-budget-phone-for-the-young/","title":"HONOR 10 Lite Complete Review: Best Budget Phone for the Young","description":"Recently HONOR has officially launched HONOR 10 Lite priced at RMB1,399 (around $205). Key Features of the Honor 10. This article will tell you how to take a perfect selfie with beauty mode in HONOR 10 Lite. AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming so ubiquitous that it’s rare to spot a smartphone without some type of AI nowadays. • Aperture Mode: It tells AI camera how much light to let in when you click the shutter so as to decide which parts should be blurred. Honor 10’s glass design is made with 15 layers of 3D glass on the back, and this design reveals a colorful radiance from every angle, in natural light and shade. [1] These two iconic and ground-breaking colors were created at The Paris Aesthetics Center, where the creativity and enthusiasm of Honor engineers and designers came to life. What we can expect from this advanced AI assistant? Its 48MP and 3D camera system is a game changer in the world of photography, while the powerful Kirin 980 AI chipset and breakthrough technologies empower you to see the unseen. On the front is a 16MP selfie shooter with f2.0 aperture and 3D portrait lighting. Cutting-edge AI algorithm instantaneously pairs subjects with their optimal camera settings according to the context of the image. The advanced and precise facial recognition ensures an accurate wide aperture, and captures subtle features of everyone’s face, even in a ‘groufie’ shot. You are being redirected to a third party website. You can now request information from this business directly from Yelp. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/take-a-perfect-selfie-with-beauty-mode-in-honor-10-lite/blog-listimage-take-a-perfect-selfie-with-beauty-mode-in-honor-10-lite.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/honor-magic-2-review-fairly-good/","title":"HONOR Magic2’s Review: “Fairly Good”","description":"With a slide cover mechanic structure, HONOR Magic2 is “fairly good”. It has an AI intelligent photography mode that can detect 22 object categories in 500+ scenarios. Winnipeg photographer Artistic Impressions, delivers a unique photography experience to their clients. 3 people like this. The blurred background effect is called bokeh by professionals. Honor 10 will be available on 22nd of May at 1699 AED for purchase at retail stores and honor’s UAE website. Honor 8X can record slow motion videos at 120fps and super slow-motion videos at 480 fps. and accordingly adjust the settings for the best possible image. 40. The first is the advanced AI 2.0 technology, applied chiefly to the smartphone’s dual-lens camera. We all know about smart cars and smartphones. AI-infused photography and photo-editing programs are wither now available on many mobile devices, or soon will be. posted on. Honor 10 embodies the industry-first front-placing ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the glass, and a 5.84-inch FullView FHD+ screen with a 19:9 bezel-less display and 86% screen-to-body ratio. Honor 10’s front camera also supports studio lighting effects with a range of lighting conditions. 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode: Honor View 20 against the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei P20 Pro in our Photo compare tool Portraits Look at the sample with the chair, for example. AI Photography Smartphones. Not only is the rear camera supported by AI 2.0 technology, Honor 10’s 24MP front camera is your intelligent selfie companion. Phone number (416) 894-8055. ","description":"HONOR Magic2 inherits the previous versions’ selling points and further enhances AI capabilities.This article will tell you its core selling points in details. ","releaseDate":"December 24, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/emui-9-in-honor-10-lite-smarter-and-safer-connections/blog-listimage-emul-9-in-honor-lite-smarter-and-safer-connections.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/emul-9-review-on-honor-10-lite/","title":"EMUI 9 Review on HONOR 10 Lite","description":"This article will show you HONOR 10 Lite's EMUI 9 review to let you know better about this budget new mobile! AI photography. The 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM storage gives sufficient space to stock all your exciting moments recorded in galleries, apps and files. Honor launches its flagship smartphone of 2018 in the UAE. The Honor 10 Lite carries a dual-camera setup on its back - the main camera is 13MP and has a wide f/1.8 aperture and phase detection autofocus. AppGallery Software. Have to say, rather disappointing. It's HONOR’s first smartphone powered by dual-NPU and Kirin 980 chipset, offers the world’s first 48MP rear camera. It features AI-powered real-time scene and object recognition technology that can identify different types of scenes and objects. HONOR Club India is a platform for all HONOR fans to get knowledge about HONOR phones, participate in various and interesting contests, while share your opinion. Then, how brilliant is this mobile’s gameplay performance? As the mobile benefits from machine learning, the camera AI on mobile phones, at its most basic level, is used to quickly and automatically recognize what is in a scene. Some of the camera features on Honor 8X include HDR, night mode and different AI modes. Similar Photos. The secondary 2MP sensor is only used for depth sensing when scene depth information is required such as when shooting portraits with artificially defocused backgrounds. Thinking, learning and solving problems like human are what AI machine used to do. Read our full reviews on this Magic smartphone model with Magic UI 2.0 and Kirin 980. South African photojournalist Brent Stirton received the Best Author Award for work related to … It becomes smarter and safter. The Honor 8X smartphone has a 6.5-inch Notched FullView Display with a 91% screen-to-body-ratio, 3750mAh battery, 64GB storage, 20MP (+ 2MP, to help with bokeh and background blur) dual AI … 24MP Front AI Camera for the Perfect Selfie The Honor 10 takes selfies seriously. It supports 3D face recognition, optimizes facial details and detects over a hundred facial points to pixel-level accuracy. Honor launches its flagship smartphone of 2018 in the UAE. From the moment you call, or walk through the studio doors, they will attend to your every detail. The Honor 10 24MP+16MP dual-lens AI camera was developed and supported by the NPU processor in the Kirin 970 chipset, which means it recognizes 500+ scenarios in 22 categories in real-time. And due to our high level of commitment, many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. In mobile, the AI camera has been trained to understand a thing or two about camera setting and image processing that’s easy for professional photographers. Let’s find out more in this HONOR 10 Lite review. ","releaseDate":"December 10, 2018","cardImg":"/content/dam/honor/global/blog/2018/best-honor-mobile-magic2’s-evolution/blogs-listimg-best-honor-mobile-magic2’s-evolution.jpg","cardImgMB":null,"bannerImgTitle":null,"bannerImgAlt":null,"cardImgTitle":null,"cardImgAlt":null,"tags":[{"tagID":"honor:blog/2018-blog","tagTitle":"2018 Blog"}]},{"url":"/global/blog/the-best-mobile-phone-with-smart-assistant-yoyo/","title":"The Best Mobile Phone with Smart Assistant YOYO!

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