Sa pa

Fifty shades of green

Perched up high amongst the stunning surroundings of the north-western hills of Vietnam and Lao Cai Province is the picturesque hill-station town of Sapa.  Sapa and its surrounds feature a huge patchwork-quilt of rice terraces and verdant valleys as far as the eye can see. The rice-terraces are intricately carved out of the land in a cascading fashion, showcasing fifty shades of green, scattered here and there with simple little homes and livestock. Surrounding the rice-terrace valleys are mist-mottled mountains including Indochina’s tallest, Fansipan. Further complimenting the appeal of this magical mountain town is the traditional way of life that is played out before visitors’ eyes; colorfully-clothed hill-tribes tending to their fields; farmers’ children perched on water buffalo; and buffalo, pot-bellied pigs and proud roosters roaming the roads.

A Walker’s delight

A walkers’ delight, the mountain trails of Sapa and its sublime surrounds are great for trekking and that’s what most people come here to do. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a beginner, we can find something that suits you.

Even if trekking’s not your thing, Sapa is well worth a visit, its epic views are every bit as stunning when viewed in a comfortable seated position accompanied by a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!  A must-do for both trekkers and non-trekkers alike who want a real insight into traditional mountain-dwelling life is a homestay with a local ethnic minority family.

Equally alluring as Sapa’s landscape are the local hill-tribe people whose colorful handcrafted costumes add a splash of color to Sapa’s fifty shades of green. Particularly colorful are the area’s markets where ethnic minorities from near and far gather to trade food and trinkets. Hill-tribe women are talented seamstresses and in addition to sewing their own clothes, produce all sorts of brightly colored handicrafts and clothes.

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