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MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) are used to refer to a particular type of tourism in which a large group, usually planned well in advance, is brought together for some particular purpose

Over the years, Vietnam has managed to organize with great success some of the major conventions held in South East Asia. In 2006, Ha Noi hosted on of the most important conventions worldwide, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Every year Viet Nam proves its worth by being at the forefront of several different industries, such as: agricultural, pharmaceutical, tourism, and may others.

Vietnam offers some brand new and state of the art Convention Centers. With these facilities in place, Hoi An Express is the perfect partner to take care of coming to these special events.

Introduction To Our Services

Hoi An Express assists you in:

Administrative Works


Services to Airline Companies

Hotel and Conference Room Accommodation

Gala dinner & Fairs Organization

Team Building Activities

Excursions & Theme Tours

Hoi An Express enhances its services by organizing tours for large groups. Whether the purpose is centered around a company trip, team building, conference or exhibition, Hoi An Express is the most suitable intermediary to undertake and to monitor a large trip organization.

Administrative Works

Hoi An Express will assist you in each stage of administrative work needed to successfully organize such trip, which means:

Flight Tickets Booking

Visa Arrangements

Translation Needs

Any Secretarial Work


Due to our meticulous organization we guarantee our customers high standard quality services in term of logistics and transportation. Thanks to our team of drivers and the quality of our fleet, we ensure total safety for every passenger. The ride with Hoi An Express is smooth, comfortable and safe.

Services To Airline Companies

Hoi An Express is proud to have continued to be the leading professional support services provider for major airlines coming to Vietnam for over three years. With its many years of experience in the tourism and travel industries, it has been a trusted and preferred travel agent for many major airlines, such as: Cathay Pacific, Jetstar Airline, Thai Airways, China Airlines and United Airlines.

At Hoi An Express we understand that Airline companies require personalized attention and fast, smoothly delivered service and we work hard to guarantee this is provided through all stages, including in particular; Airport transfers of airline crew:

Hoi An Express has specially selected a range of comfortable cars, vans and buses to take care of the crew and passengers for a quick and seamless transfer between the airport and the city.

Staff travel:

Hoi An Express provides superior service to airline crew and employees by offering them competitive rates at many top hotels in Vietnam. Our highly dedicated team work tirelessly to locate the best places to travel and work hard to negotiate the best hotel rates for these locations.

We promise to offer airline staff a special discounted rate that is below the public rate at 3-5 star hotels. Furthermore, we review the hotels based on the airline’s strict criteria including safety, noise, proximity to airport, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

In addition, Hoi An Express continually designs new programs and promotions such as our low season travel packages.

Support and 24/7 service assistance to the crew and passengers in case of delays, layovers or misconnections:

In such situations our team go out of their way to ensure minimum inconvenience. All that is required is one phone call to our hotline for Hoi An Express to expertly handle the accommodation, transportation, meals, wake up calls and pickup times. Our team provides up-to- date information to ensure that passenger disruption is minimized.

Hotel And Conference Room Accommodation

Over the years, Hoi An Express has developed strong partnerships with some of the most prestigious hotels within the hospitality industry in Ho Chi Minh City; The Legend Hotel, The Windsor Plaza Hotel, The Duxton Hotel, and The Equatorial Hotel. Hence, we can offer  very competitive rates for hotel and conference room facilities at these luxury hotels. Moreover, each of these hotels provide fully equipped conference room services.

Gala Dinner & Fair Organization

Hoi An Express will also assist you in the planning, coordinating and monitoring of Gala Dinners and Fair Exhibitions. Thanks to our strong network in Ho Chi Minh City, we are able to plan high quality events for large groups that leave unforgettable memories of Indochina.

Team Building Activities

The Team Building events of Hoi An Express help your employees strengthen the bonds that link them together.  Through fun, thrilling, but safe activities, your team will have to work closely together, and forge strong relationships in order to successfully complete each stage of the test. Every participant will be encouraged to achieve their personal best through our challenging, energizing and motivating programs.

Excursions & Theme Tours

For nearly 10 years, Hoi An Express have specialized in providing amazing experiences to thousands of tourists all over Vietnam. Whether you are looking for discovery, leisure, ecological or historical tours, we will carry out your wishes and exceed expectations in order to transform your trip into a unique experience.

Travel Insurance

Hoi An Express is one of the only Tour Operators in Vietnam that offers its customers  Travel Insurance that covers all kinds of accidents that could happen during a trip. All of our tour guides have learned first aid techniques, and we put safety at the heart of all our activities, however, accidents can still happen.

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